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They Stole The Bicycle

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Frank Brown, wbo was tried in Justice Childs conrt yesterday afternoon on a charge of larceny of a bicjcle, was found gnilty and fined $10 and costs aruountiug to $14, makiug a total of #34, or if he fails to produce the nioney, imprisonmeut in the Detroit house of correution for 65 days. The other party to the trausactioii, Lawrenoe Alexander.plead gnilty to„the charge of receiving stolen property aud was given a fine of 12 aud costs of f 6. 75 or 30 days injthe connty jail. Alexander sqnealed on Brown and, therefore, got off more lightly than Brown, who maintained that he was iiinocent. It appeared that the two boys were together wheu the wheel was rented on Jnly 4 and that they went houie togetlier. They are boys 1? or 18 years of age. They were placed in the cnstody of the ofñcer and given time to try to secure the money to pay their fines. A coininitinent in each case was placed in the hands of the officer with the injuuction to de.'iver them as before stated, if they do Lot sncceed in getting the money with which to pay their fines.