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Was He Murdered?

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It is now charged tbat Arthur Sellick, the boy who has been working as water boy on the Ann Arbor storm sewers, and who was bumed to death in Jackson, Monday, was raurdered. A Jackson dispatch says: George L. Maier, a brother-in-law of Arthnr Sel lick, who recently lost his lite by the bnrning of Maier's dwelling, was arrested yesteiday charged with ruurdur and arson.. Last night a trunk fnll of bed clothing, books, silverware and the hke was fonnd bnried in a maïiure pile close to the honse. William Birdsell, a brother-in-law of Gapt. Beard, made the disjovery. Maier had bis insnred a short time ago for $500 and when the fire broke onc, he did not skow ruaoh concern, while Sellick, who was 16 years oíd, ]umped from a window and tnrned in an alara. Maier says notbing, bnt denies the charge.. He looked terribly fnghtened when the arrest was made. Other sensational developmints are expected.