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2 An orainanee has been introduced allowing the D., Y. & A. A. road the right to run the Detroit oars down Packard st. , Aun Arbor, taster tban a snail'H pace. The council has been invited to take a trolley ride this Friday afternoou to esperience the testing of tbe variona rates of speed. In tnis connection it may be well to remark that any alderman with a watch eau teil just what rate of speed the car is going by connting the rails. The nnruDer of rails the car passes over iu 20 seconds is the nurnber of miles per hour the car is going. For instance, be car passes over 12 rails in 20 seconde, the car is goiug a thé rate of 12 miles an honr. The Argns recently fignred this at varióos rates of speed, demonstratíng that this rule is mathematieally correct, and it aöords a very easy opportunity for each alderman to teil for himself just how fasfc he is going.