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The Horse Was Stolen

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Henry Laflin, of Ypsilanti towD, bad a valaable horse stolen Monday uight. The Farmers' Froteetive Assooiation sent inembers in every direction yesterday to get track of the stolen horse, but'no information had been obtained np to last evening. Mr. Laflin ofiers $25 reward lor the capture oí' the property and thief and Sheriff Gillen a similar amonnt. Tbe horse was valued at 150 aud it is to be hoped it will öe found. It now transpires that Burt Mooiman had a buggy and harness stolen by the same thief whö stole Henry Laflin's horse. This was not discovered until Tuesday afternoon. It is a square box top íwígsty with end spring, foot rest screwed on front ot' box, shafts set in i ion sockets, light brown linning, red running gear, rubber top and black body. The harness has a single strap rubber trimmed overcheck, blind bndle, one trace, two three holes. Laflin's horse is a bay weighing 1356 ibs with a small white spot on forehead and nose. Laflin and Moorman each offer $25 reward and the Farmers Protective Association offers $50 for property and $25 for each thief. When Laflin was seen by the Argus at noon no trace of the stolen property had been discovered and it was not known in what direction it went. Laflin thinks it went to Detroit and others think it went south. Laflin thinks the thief or thieves operated f rom Ypsilanti. The nigbt the horse was stolen some person left a bicrcle by the Ypsilamti Savings bank and it remained there until one o'clock in the morning when an offlcèr removed it There has been no cali for the wheel which was probably stolen also. Yesteriav Laflin was in Detroit but could get no information relative to the stolen property. A dozen or flfteen MieMöers of the Protective Assoeiation are on the search as well as the sheriff's force. It seems surprising that with the present facilities for communication that uo trace of the horse and rig can be obtained. The horse was probably stolen about ten or eleven o'clock at night and Laflin and others were on the hunt at six.