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The Pingree faitbf ui during the absence...

The Pingree faitbf ui during the absence... image
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The Pingree faitbf ui during the absence of tlie "old man"' are having it regular monkey and parrot time. Unless Püigree hies bimself back to this neck of woodsright soon, he is liable toluive ánother faution against hita. Bill Judson will eonstitute tbe wbole Pigree push. As the Dreylus case drags on, the conviction tliat there will be no acquittal grows more certain. In fact his condemnation is now considered certain uüless Emperor William intervenes and permits Col. Schwartzkoppen to testify. It is an even chance however, tbat the Germán kaiser will not permit this, and if he does not Dreyfus will undoubtedly go to another unearned condemnatiou. What will happen in France after that is a problem. At last it is said tbe British government is ready to cali a halt on Canada's monkey work about the Alaskan boundary and take upon berself the responsibility of making some sort of a working agreement wnh the United States. Great Britain is apparently sincere in desiring no clasb witb the United States over the matter and the States are just as desirous of an amicable and just adjustment without any bloodshed. Therefore tbe solution ought not to be difficult to fiud. It can be better adjusted if Canada is left out. If the president is having the report s sent out from Washington, that be is contemplating sending Gen. Miles to the Philippines for the purpose of ascertaining public sentiment on tbe question, he should delay no longer. Nothing that he could do relative to Philippine matters would inspire more contidence. With Gen. Miles in chief command there the people would know tbat a real compaign against the Filipinos is to be fought, nor would it require long tor the brown men to learn that they were up against tbe real thing. JBy all means let Miles te sent. ne nttie üoer repubiicstill presentí a bold front to tbe British lion. The English papers complairi of the dilatory character oí President Kfuger'a diplomacy when contrasted with his alertness and energy in preparing for war. Evidently the Boers do not iiitend to be caught napping. When England makes the flrst suspicious move of troops the Boers will be in readiness to strike the lirst blow. The fact that the volksraad is in session to discuss the situation and a meeting of the British council bas been called at this unusual season by Lord Salisbury, indícate that there is the gravest danger in the situation. It seems after all that the Grand Army in its annual session at Philadelphia is to make a light on Commissioner of Pensions Evans. The contest was begun yesterday, hut the specifications have not as yet been given to tlie public. It seems to fairminded outsiders that the veterans are making a great mistake. Evans bas fairly, justly and even generously interpreted the pension laws and he should not be condemned for standing true to his oath of office. It would seem also that there can be little just cause for complaint with a government ■which bas not only been just and liberal in caring for the veterans but even extravagant. TJie money circulation of the country is larger today than ever before and yet more appears to be needed. The ■wonderful industrial activity which has congested every avenue of commerce has created this demand for more money. During the summer the gold reserve in the treasury has mounted up to $250,000,000 vastly more than sufficient to meet all redemption purpeses. This was nteded in circulation and to make it availab'le for the needs of industry. The issuance of gold certifieates was again resorted to. The issuance of these certiticates was suspended during Secretary Carlisle's administration of the treasury department when the gold reserve feil so low. From ihen until this season none were issued for the reason that there was money enough in circulation to meet all industrial needs without resort to gold certifieates. As another evidence of the rapid progress of the country in financial strength it will be remembered that Mexico when she refunded her national debt recently came to the United States for the money and the loan of $.110,000,005 was easily floated in New York. In fact New York is today the financial center of the world. All this Je most gratifying to Americans.