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The Ypsilariti-Saline road carried about 500 people Sunday. The flre departmeut was called out to pnt out a brush heap fire on E. Congress st. Henry Lafttin's horse was stolen from the barn lást night. No trace of the thief eau be fonud. The horse was a heavy, eight year old bay. Dr. Wilcoxson and Mrs. Mary Willard left for theeast todaj and it is announced that when they will return Dr. and Mrs. Wilcoxson will occupy rooms in the Savings Bank block. Jnstice Childs roports the greatest number of assault and battery cases during the month of August evar tried in any one court in Ypsilanti. The total number of cases was IS. A petition is being circulated anaong the demócrata of Ypsilanti to support the Commercial if it will change lts politics to democratie. It is also tinderstood that Editor Munro will do it. There was qnite a seusation at the grove last; evening It seetns that a married man from Aun Arbor carne here and danced with sirange women, wheii his wife appeared on the scène and pulled a gnn. Theie were only a lew who saw the parties aiid they diö not know the names, hut knew they were froin Anu Arbor. One person said that he kner the ruan was a retired business raan, well dressed and of atbletic build.j From Wednesday's Daily Argus. Jatnes Reidoat was acqnitted in Jnstice Child6' conrt Tuesday. He vras charged with steaJing an antiqnated gun trom Jonathan McGee, who is 167 years old. It is sfcated that there is a boycctt on between the stndents of the high scbool and one of the business honses on Mam st. The students appear grieved over somethiug that was done or not done by tbe firm. ? A party of jolly campers departed Wednesdey for Vineyard Lake betweeo Watkins and Brooklyn. They bear the following cognomen : W. J. Hyzer, D. R. Morford, S. C. Pisher, T. O. Fuller and William Meanwell. They have proinised tbemselves a goofl time. Tueadaymght bronght cntting affray npon Hungry HilJ. It is alleged that a certain man of color became soaked with snakesfoot oil and became abusive to his wife, calhng ner bad names, etc, and that in seïf defense she finally nsed a knife on her iinruly lord. The matter has not yet reached the courts and may not. The oase against Wayne Shier charged with larceny was tried in Jnstice Ohilds' court Tuesday. The complainant was Miss Jennie Wright who had Shier arrested for the laroeny of some rings. It appears that Shier who is abont 19 or 20 years old, was paying some attention to the young lady and that on one occasion last November af ter he had been at her home she noticed that three rings of hers were missing. Sbe charged him with takiog them. He retnrned two and said he had lost the other one. The case resnlted in his conviction as charged. Jnstice Childs gave him a fine of $5 and costs, the whole amounting to $17.85 or 65 days in the Detroit honse of correction. He paid up or his motber did for him. From Thursday's Daily Argus. John Post, father of Mr. J. R. Post, of Willis, "lied at that place last night The funeral will occur frotn the Tylnr street chnrch, this city, Friday at 1 o'olock. Mr. Post's tamily hved in this city. Simon Crosby, father of Etta Crosby, who was recently convicted in Jnstice Childs1 coiïrt on a charge of assault and battery on Julia Tolgbot, says the report that his daughter was in the river batbing with the husband of the Talbot woman without the reaulatiou bathing snit ou is iot true. It is reporter! that Capt. Allen and A. J. Sawyer, of Acn Arbor, art) to ride a fat man's bicycle race at the Ann Arlior fair grounds dnring tbe Washtenaw fair. This will certainly prove a great attraotion if propsrly advertised. Surely nobody would want to miss it. Tne Argus will wager on the Ypsilanti man. The slander ' case ot Comstock va Hotchkiss was caJled in Jastice Jocelyu's court this inorniug and knockéd out by Attorney Prea Green, attorney for the defenctant, on the plea that the conrt had no jnrisdiction. Mr. Green presen ted tae law so clearly to his , honor that tnere was nothing to do but dismiss the case. Whether it will be commenced in the circuit cotirt or not has not been determined. A con pie of days ago a baby cab came to the D., Y. & A. A. waiting room properly checked . It was placed iu the store room and while standiug there awaitiug a claimant, a package of drugs for O. V. Rogers iiappened to be placed in it. In due time the owner presented the check tor the cab and took it away, not noticing the package of drugs. The surprising thing a bout it is tbat the drugs have not been retnrned. It is not clear, however, what the ordinary person would do with such articles.