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Arbuckles' Coffee

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Is the Standard of Coffee Excellence by which all Cofïee Qualityis Compared.' " gNo.53. ADress Pattern. -,_ „JfSi-fhlefs No. 55 i No. 5 1 j M ,2 varia Six Handkerch efs. Four Handkerchlefs. Oining Room Tabla 4_? _V rfP Printed ffitSSSSSSSSSÍrK FonrGenTable Cloth, white with red bars. íWliR í ' fi-iV Js ,íf ors to' select Y: i{ ';E -- ■ gj „ hemstitc'hSent postpaid on receipt of 2 cent }L i I A _A Pearl and )) ; L 0 f JïpsizelW4_ postase stamp and 60 sisnatures üO: """"n nA Ait í' ÍiV'l.'Í-' Nile oreen. : 5 0 II í 18í inchos. cut from wrappers of Arbuokles' y7" - - -- J w ■ "L'?'' ) MvT i Sent post :( : 10 I !8. jáp' Sent. Koaeted Coflee. er%Lí07 - í;'W R'VVV I rePcèVt"of f: ( 'XZ lls=üissraB&.jfy aif'ón Xf1' í ■■' ñ "?"?, , íVvWI ASüS?' Six L.dics' Pocket ! ,f Trbuckl t-j v (11 -j (%SE " seSSáí Sr Sy VI I "IB stven out TCrfS paid on recelpt oí' 2 cent jfer,rw...v.rfg . - fí ' - 5"L?!í_L postaae stamp and 2O ' - - , ," êNo. 52. No.54. APairofWindowCurtains. ÍÜoViíRlLodGoiÍePeTa ' V Apron. Clfojo&SAofcíS: Q) Each Cur" No. 58. A Pair of Shears. feJ Jí M lüsertion. Size [■■ ,. ; ,: "Hí Sentpostof thebest Anerican makOf 8incheS]onB. Sent port-pald %. íSf S2x40inches. ij ?jjíf MRgl;H f y'J"" paid on reon receiptof cent postase stamp and 15 sigualure ■á St'iit postI icRtfKáSjli'ililli1'! 'l'i "' '-Í c e i p t of ' cut from wrappers of Arbuckles' Roasted Coffee. Í&jgggg0& eeiptoftwo iflMHHp' r(r.Z'p No. 59. Razor made by J. R. Torrey. , nature cut fsÈËjaBpM :rlP pe"" of 'Ir Tbe J. E. Torrey Kaior Ís from wrap[SiP '1 'OT buckles' .- WBSSKHB known as tbe best made in the United pers of Arlijj&. 8 ' . S -,, r States. The primed guarantee of the manufacbuckles' li v 'CAT" '_ 1_-_L;'': B turer goea with each lazor. c Sent post-paid on Boasted Co f] t'í y 'n S"& Eli'u ' receipt of 2 u-nt postase stamp and 28 sisnatures cut from wrappera of Arbuckles', fee. Roasted üoCfee. _ . A, No.6O. Lady's Belt. i No. 61. Man's Belt. No. 62. A Carving Knife and Fork.' Made by the best KI Lateststyle. grain leather tan color 1 Grain leather, tan color, nickel-plated (L3 = Ir m in. wide, nickel plated buckje. Bu-ita me I buckle and rings. When oraerina give American manu II followiug sizes only, give size ia iucbes I sze of waist in inches Belts run from 34 ■ A f.rst-class set, mounted wltb genulne buck-born handles.' Knife blad ïurers and well tt "in ftom ï3to S in.Sent post! i to 12 inchesin length.' Sent post-puid S inches long. Sent by expresa, ehnrses prepaid, on receipt of ed SX luches lone IFl Paid oñ receipt of o. 2 cent On receipt of i cent postaec stamp - cent postase stamp and 90 signatures cut from wrappers of, . I .M ace stamp and 20 sienatures cut _. oftaiunatures cut from wrappers Arb-.ickles' Hoasted Corlee. When ordering name your nearest Express. Sent p..t.pald .. U fjomtoewrappersofArbncUes-RoWed ""XLttl Coffee. ■ Offlco ,, -el. :.. yuur Post Office. receipt of 2 cent I JI . _- - - - róstase tamp and 11 No. 63. A Butcher's K n ife. Ko. 65 No. 67. Picture Frame.. 15 Bignatures cut jl -7 .''■'■■ " ' '. i',p?_l__ ALady's Pen Knife. Arbuckleo' Roasted ■ 1 8lx Inch blade, bard wood handle, good materials and well ilnished. Sent' -ssásf-i-ÍJ-Vp"__. post-paidonreCoflee. Ü'IR post-paid on receipt of 2 cent pomnge stamp and 20 signaturt rw %'; - __gJ ) i I ceipt of 2 cent _W % _ . cut from wrappers of Arbuckles' Roasted Coffee. j v '--'_Wmiïfr.ri' y-pf-:aMi i ' . .,„„.„ Jjr No. 64. A KitchKn.fe: SSíg U ) r." nt ÍyL i? - - ; . -y cent p!';icc stamp and 30 ïaTss___iS,l 'BL fj'Vi ' Will cut bread, slice ham and saw the bone. Serviceable. and ehould be :ij Bi_n.i:iir(.s cllt frOm wrappers K__t 22 y r7 arags'i!!gag7g stamp and w 1- Ji r !Zr"SËr s ! Enamel"" Clock_______S !____&_ ai'd'onrrce'ïprofii cent post! XT_Am after a standard watcb. rollable !.ao-kW;.cr. The printed guarig ■g __f3J- 1 MLi i-T--r --J '""' - - - tü9l "Til tee of the maker accempanies c: .. ■■ ■ ■■■:. ent post-paid f 3RgJ cut from wrappers of Arbuckles1 vJwy on .recefpt of 2 cení -t:i.:;-; uiw.n ■ :d 9Í) i.uaiures iP, H wMH &SuÈÊm Roasted CorTee. NS cut from wrappers of Ar.uc.:'es _;oa;ï.:Ll nfiv vL? i No.68. An X-L Revolver. No. 7O ,OSpV êC - _ix_.__ _cLj--__lTf íjL. Imported porcelain frame. beautifuHy JEeL''' n__ Hipchest standard of Alarm C'.oct . mm%j. corated. Movement made by New Haven fc_7V, X Seamless frame, ornamental ham,.. Highen .rade materia, and yF1% c.„c_ Co., guaranteed by them a good b# .„0" wioJl „orkmanship, 32 calibre, centre-flre Wgif jÉk keeper, 5 inches high, Bame width. Sent fc !jfU 3?;f& ir nt by expres, chnreesdoubleaction. Sent by express, l[ 1)1(NB V by express, charges prepaid by ns. on tfl$MPS hW% irepaid, on receipt of 2 cent charges prepaid by us, on receipt 'LJ' 11 wl _V rêceipt of 2 cent postaec stamp and lWK-O'M ; postase mamp and SO sienaof 3 cent postase stamp and 150 =5=; I___B_&_i_ 113 sienatnres cut from wrappers of Íí._tíHJS_X_ uros cut from wrappers of Areienatnres cut from wrappers of Wffl SS Arbuckles1 Roasted Coffee. When ordermg V - fSW? 1L$3L - C] , buckles' Roasted Coffee. When orbuckles' Roasted Coffee. When ordering name your nearest IJ name your nearest Express Office as well as %JS )Í6_l_)i Lderin= name your neare8t Exe83 „„ _____!_! _ . „,_ Vi %afJiM&2 - i' Office and your I'ost Office as well. Ezpress Office as well as your Post Office. your Post Office. -__i- +iL:Jrlw ""-- ■ -J - "'-- representa one page of a List which ia found in eaoh This is a picture of the - - _- pouud pacta?e of Arbuckles1 Roasted Coffee, and witü eaoQ natu e on Arbuckles' Roasted I JI . 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