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IDEK.&K.Í Q The Leadlng Specialists of America f! 20 Years In Detroit. Ej N 250,000 Cored. M ■ WECURESTRICTURE PI Thousands of young and middle-aged W UJ men are troubled with this disease - many LkJ Wï% unconscioualy. They may hare a Wrt Ij ing sensation, small, twisting stream, fj ■H harp cutting pains at times, slight ■ rJ charge, difficulty in commencing, weak f2 M3 organa, emiasions, and all the syinptoms IJJ ■ of nervoua debility- they have ■ ■ XURE. Don't let doctors oxperimenton ■ HH you, by cutting, stretching, or tearing H Itf you. This willnot cure you, aait will Ivi UU turn. Our NEW METHOD Uj il MENT absorba the stricture tissue; Fl J henee removosthestricturepermanently. 13 ■■ It can nevor return. No pain, no PPJ IJ ing, no detention f rom business by our vú ■ method. jÊm H ened. The nérvea are invigorated, and ■ ■ the bliss of manhood returns. QwecuregleetE MM Thouaands of young and middle-aged i'JI ■OM men are having their sexual vigor and H vitality oontinually eapped ly this HB 14 eaae. They are frequently unconscious è% M of the cause of these symptoms. (jeneral Ujl ■ Weakness, [Innatural Discharges, ■ ■ ing Manhood, Nervousness, Poor ■ lÊ ory, Irritahility, at times Smarting 12 yy sation, Sunken Eyeg, with dark circle?, UJ f!m Weak Back, General Depression, Lack RJ f"! of Ambition, Varicocele, Shrunken fT Ml Parts, etc. ULEET and STRICTURE ■■ ÍJJá may be the cause. Don't consult family frA UU doctors, ag they have no experienco in UJ ■ these special diseases- don't allow I ■ Quacks to experiment on you. Consult ■ M bpecialists. who have made alifestudy of H KE Diseasesof MenandWomen. Our NEW l.E UU METHOD TREATMENT will LÜ I'J tivoly cure you. One thousand dollars Fl IJ for a oase wo accept for treatment and 13 ■■ cannoture. Terms moderate for a cure, "i aCURESGUARANTEEDÏÏ i We treat and cure: EMISSIONS, I T1 VARICOCELE, SYPHILIS, fíLEET. Wk LU STRIOTURE. IMPOTENCY, SECRET IT ri DRAINS. UNNATURAL Uu lJ ES, KIDNEY and BLADDER Diseases. Fl M CONSULTATION FREE. BOOKS Lj PI FREE. If unable to cali, write for M UJ QUE.STTOX BLANK for HOilE Pi B TREATMENT. U3 DRS. HKennedyKerganR LJ Cor. Michigan Aye. and Shelby St. Ta P3 " DETROIT, MIICH. fjj 1 cx SD MONEY UU - I fe-lp.7 CIT 'SUS AI. t'T and CD Q- I'SJÓ send to lis, state your Li. J I] BSOfsi. nutnber inchcs around t ■} 11 '?S'1c body at buat and nfck, -II jgRr K and we wil i send this i3f ág examine and try it ' fl I i-i fin i,iin miles. This Circuíar Plush Cape 5JBSS.S?55JS's Seal Plush, 20 lhcb6E lnp. out flill sweep. lined throughont with Men-e riz-d Slik in blncli, blue or red. Very eiflbnrately einbroidered with sootaehe bruid andblauu beading: as il!! ïtited Tinnned n El around ivith extra line Blacl; TlilVt Eur. hr'avMy intprlinud With Vfaddïng and :ïlor eharois Wrifp fr rr' Honk Cauttoirae. Address SEARS, ROEBUCK &. CO., CMÍCACO ;oears, Roebuck & Co. ao tharuuiiiy relIaJbïe.- Gditor )