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Seed Beans and Seed Bnckwheat FOR SALE AT TH F. CENTRAL MILLS, ANN ARBOR. J. Fred Moelzle, DEALER IN Meats, Sausag-es, Oysters and Market Goods. Porter House and Slrlotn S teaks a Spectalty WASHINGTON MARKET. piRE INSURANCE. CHRISTIAN MACK, Iffent ior the followinf? Flrt Olaie Companie reprssenting oyer twenty-eiht lllllion Dollars Aweta, Ibsuob pollolei at the loweutrates Etna of Hartford $9,192,644.00 Franklin of Phila 3,118,713,06 Germania of N. Y 2,700,729.00 American of N.Y. 4,065,968.00 London Assurance, Lond'n 1,416,788.00 Michigan F. & M., Detroit 287,608.00 N . Y. ünderwriters, N. Y. 2,596,679.00 National, Hartford 1,774,605.00 Phenix, N.Y 3,759,036.00 . ■ 3T"8p6eia! atteDtion given to the ináur&noe o weUlngs,sclJool8, ohurcHesand pcblic building terina oí tbree and ave reare jm $2.75 BOX RAIN COAT A REGILAK 5.00 W LTERPEOOI ara P"""maIKINTOSH FOR S2.75. SL Send No Money. S?d1ioA tl fr '{ state your heieht and welht, state fl jl i number of inches arouud body ac JW - fa e i-'Sl breast taken over vest under coat f'i. close up under arras, and we wilt ta send y ou this coat bj express, C. O. HHE i D., subject to eiamlnation; examina & [ f and try it on at your nearest exit '' 'L'-ir presa office and ïf found exactly w$f asrepresentedand the most won1 V_J=7 dertul valueyou ever saw orheard '?r of andequal toany coat you can buy I f or 95.00, pay the express agent oor special f otter priee, #'2.75, and express charges. THIS MACKINTOSH is latest L I 1899 style, made f rom ber waUrproot, I tan color, een iíídp Davls Covert Cloth; extra ' long, doublé breasted, Sager vetvet ï collar, faney plaid Hning, waterproof :jt% sewed, strapped and cemented seams. suitable for both raio or overcoat, and wËÊr7Oi cuaranteed greatest valae ever offeretl B JtB--.?S' hy U3 or any other house. ForFre SFÍE3 ï' CÍoth Samples of MensMackintoshesup ■ ■■ ii - - and Suits and Overcoats at from Í5.00 to Í10.00, write for Frw SEARüstROEBUecbk &. CO-, CHICAGO, ILU (Sesrs, Boeback Jt Co. are Üiorosghlr reliable.- Editor,) Blue Streak, The new ammumtion of war, is the most eiïective insect and parasite destróyer produced today. It is the most economical and effective insect killer on the market. To ïe used with hand atomizers. sprayers or sprin kling pot. Our line is complete in" the line of insecticides as Blue Vitriol Kerosene Emulsión Insect Powder Londou Purple Paris Green Hellebore Dalniatioa.. twa i w. DRUGGISTS, 112 S. Main St. Aim Arbor. CHAS. ZUBN, HEALER IN FRESH AND SALT MEATS AND BALOGNA. 113 E. Washington St. ÍHAIR SWITCH FREE ON EASY CONDITIONS. Cut this ad. out and mail to us, Send small sample of your hair.cutclose to the roots. SEND SïO 310NEY; we will make and n.y.bmail'postpid'aF1KEHUMAII HAIR SWITCH, an "ei match, made 22 inclies long from selected human haïr, 2) ounces, short stem. We will inclose in package with switch sufflcient postage to return it to usirnotperfeell.T satisfc(ory. but if found exactly as represented and most eitraordínary valué and you wish to keep it, elther end di Í 1 ,50 by mail withla 10 djs orTAKK OKDKKS FOK 3 SWITCHES AT #1.10 KAtH among your frlends and sond to us without anj nooe;, we to send the 3 swttches to them direct by mail, to be paid for 10 days after received ir perf ectlv satisf actory,and jon eau tbtn he the switch wí iend you frr-t fur jour trouble. fl W Ptstiot, OrguiH, Sewlng 9hlae, Dfibt, Furnitur, Watb#, Blcjeifs, CamerM aad other preniuras for takla order for Oor Switch. Oor ladyeiroed m Plan tm flfUta dyat o# a Srwbig Machín Is 3 daya. Order Switch at once or wrltitodflyforFRKÉPUEMUMOFFKR. Addraa, Ladies' Halr Emporlum, Chicago. A BOTTLE OF SARSAPASIIXA For 75 cents i what you need in the Spring. MANN'S DRUG STORE, "533?