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Fought Each Other

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Two old war veterans got together in Judge Newkirk's office this moming. They were on opposite sides in tbe civil war. They had been college chums previous to the war, but had failed to recognize each other on meeting. The estáte of Elizabeth Baldwln was under discussion. Col. Bradley M. Thompson was on one side of a table, and Eugene Baldwin, of Mississippi, sat on the other. Mr. Baldwin happened to mention the civil war. Col. Thompson asked if he had been in the war. "Yes," said Baldwin, "on the confedérate side." Then they began talking about the war, and soon found they were both at the battle of Gettysburg. Baldwin spoke of being at Hagerstown and seeiog some Yankee cavalry soldiers ia the streets who lit out vvhen they got after them. "I was one of those Yanks," said Thompson, "I was in command of the skirmish line and I sized up your men, and decided you were too many for us, and told our men we had better get out." After a little f urther discussion, Col. Thompson suddenly exclaimed: "What's your first name?" "Eugene." "Were you ever in the university?'' "Yes, in 1860." "Wlay, are you Eugene Baldwin, that little round-faced fellowV Why, we were in the same c'lass." 'Your ffrst name is not Bradley, is it?' And the two old soldiers feil to shaking hands and telling about the whereabouts of old college chums, and and when last seeu were deeply engaged in reminiscences.