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Drunks That Cost $2,800

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The poor commissioners, the judge of probate and the county corumissioner made a jail inspeotion today and found that the past six months 378 prisouers have been confined under Sheriff Uillen's rear roof. This iuolucles 103 drunks, tour of whora were íernale; a 3 tor larceny, 3 of whom were fernala; 30 vags; 10 insane; 11 for boarding moving trains; 6 for assault and battery ; 5 tor disorííerly ; 4 for distnrbiug the peace. The best were for other offeiises. During the six months preceeding thre were 320 prisoners confined in the jail including 188 drunks, 5 vags and 81 disordeilies. Not taking into account tb.8 fact that drunks are often arrested as vags and disorderlies, there has been confined in Hie jail a total ot 351 drunks. There are drunks and theie are drnnks. There are many who get drunk who do riot need to be taken care of. There are 315 who had to be taken charge of. Althongh it is expense to tbe county, it is necessary that they should be incarcerated. To give some idea as to the cost to the eounty (which does uot include those who pay fine) it is estimatjd that ach one of the 351 drnnk served an average of a seven day's sentence: Justice of peace f ees 2. T5 Offlcers fees 1.55 Turnkey's fees TO Sheriff's fees, 44 cents per day for seven days 3.08 Total f 8.08 Taking au average of 8 for each ■aan, tbe 351 drnnks have cost the county over 2. 800. The juil examiuers today reported the followiug: Bedding, fair; cells, fair; halls, good; closets, poor; no distinction in treatinent of prisoners; jail building is too small.'' "I knovv what the state secretary of the board of correctiuns and cbaiities vill atty when he reads that report," said Ooiiuty Agent Lehman. "Hewill sciiii down a postal card which will' read: 'Your favor of Sept. Hl, reopived for which please accept our thauks. I notice chat yon say the jail building is to small. If yon did not have so inany ciiunks, the building wonld probably be large enough. 'liespactfullj yonrs, etc.'"