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r I BUSY 5T0RE OF J C il Schairerá Milieu, l $$ C t ANN ARBOR, MICH. i j I FIRST SEPTEMBER! I SALE OF I I New Fall Goods Commencing Saiurday Morning, Sept. 16, S We wil! make your dollars do doublé duty during this saie, y One case White Crochet Bed Spreads at 49c each. C One case Si. 00 White Crochet Bed Spreads at 75c. L One case $1.35 Extra Large White Bed Spreads at 89c. L 3 cases 104 Blankets, Tan, White and Gray, at 49c a pair. L 200 Large Clean Bed Comfortables at $1.00. I Draperies and Gurtains. 1 20 pieces White 36 in. Curtain Muslin at 10c a yd. t 15 pieces 40 in. Curtain Muslin at i2c a yd. 50 pairs Nottingham Lace Curtains at 49C, 75c and $1 a pair. L White Ruffled Muslin Curtain?, Si. 00 and $1.50 a pair. L Fancy Colored Ruffled Curtains $1.50 a pair. T V Beautiful Oriental effects in Art Derains, Crepés and Cretons T at Sc. i2i4c and 15c a yd. Sheets, Pillow Slips and Gotfons. Full size Bleached Sheets, ready for your bed at 39c each. f Best quality Bleached Sheets, 2)4 yards long, at 50c each. L Hemstitched Sheets, best quality, 55c each. L 200 Bleached Pillow Cases at 10c and 12IÓC each. T 25 yards Good Quality Sheeting for Si. 00. T y 42-inch Bleached Pillow Cotton at 8c a yd. L 45 in. Bleached Pillow Cotton at 10c a yd. J" C One case Fancy Outing Flannel at 5c a yd. k 50 dozen Linen Huck Towels at 10c and I2c each. L # 200 Remnants arwA Mili Ends Table Linensit Half Price. % 75 pieces Silver Bleached and Satin Damask Table Linen at %? 25c, 35c, 50c, 75c and Si. 00 a yd. ANN ARBOR'S BÜSY BARGAiN STORE,