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Three Cases Decided In The Supreme Court

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The Supren;e Court bas decided in favor of John Sbadford in nis snit agaiust Ann Arbor Street Railway Co. It rueans tbat tbey hold that the uridginent of $7,000 for lus injuries is good (if it can bu collected). Aloug back in 1894 John Shadford, of the Noithside, was employed by th railway compuny in constructing its lines. While working ou the tall platform wagon stretching the trolley wire, a guy wire became loose and the tiolley wire feil npon Mr. Shadford knccking birn over. He feil and strockupon his back iu sucn a raanuer that his spiue was permanently injured and ! his right leg is still paralyzed. He sned tbe conapauy ia 1895 and got a jnögmant of $4,500. The railway compaoy appealed to the Supremo Court and the latter ordered a new trial on the gromid that the compasy conld uot at all times and nnder all circDKistances te required to keep the latest devioes for its employés aud if' they were using the same appliances as were used by other compauies i ly in the same line of work they were i uot gnilty of negligeuoe. The Supreme Court at that time ordored a new trial, Attorney Sawyer followed p the logic L tho Snpreoie Court for thenext trial nud succeeded in getting a judgnieut for Mr Shadford for 7,000 this time, instead of $4,600. The trial lasted for five aays. The railway company again appealed aud tbis time the Supreiue Court has affirmed the judgmeut of the lower oourt.