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The Supremo Conrt yesterday decided that oleoruargariue could be coloied witb any harmless substaDce m a case which weut up froin this city, and thus sustained tbe decisión of Justice Dnfty. The case was une cornmeucpd by Fooö Conimissioner Grosvenoi against Cuspar Kinsey lor selliug coJored oleornargariue. Justice Dutïy refused to entertain the complaiut, and the Circait Conrt declined to issue a tnanclarnus to compel him to do so. Ihe case came to the Supreme Court by certiorari, aod the posistiou of the justice of the peace and cirouit judge is npw sustained. It was shown tbat there was no frand in the sale of the oleoraargarine or auy dttseption, the oleornargarine beiug sold for oleouiargariue. It was not urged that the oft'euse cooies withiu the words fraud or decpit or tbat the coloriug matter was deletenous. ïhe csurt says the qnestion to be determined is whether the title of the act is broad euoagh to iuciude the sale complained of. Judge Grant said : "Would any person readiug the title to thebill ia the legislative jonrnals or elsewhere suppose that the bill would make criminal un act vvbich in itftelf was entirely harmless, honest, iurioceut.and contaiued no element oí wrougdoing? Wheu the legislature attempts to chauge defiuitious and to make acts crinjinal which per se are innocent there mast be sometüing iu the title to show such parpóse or object. It follows that this part üf the act is void. "