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Route As Pronounced

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There are uumorous excuses for the pronunciad ui of e word route, and a-man bardly go amiss to clioose bis owü st,''le-. Down south they say always rowí. In the noi-tli, ainong the educated classes, e uear root. llore also we hear, lower down, espeeially, among the Jlyphenated Americaus, rut. The Irish, venbig folk, say rut. Tho original Webster gives the pronuncia tiou as rowt, with au admlsslon of root. We have adopted root because of a Frene li leaning. The word rnt, meaning a deep track in a roadway, cut by the riin of a wheel, is simply a contraction of route and rout. The Century dictionary says root or rowt, prefereuce for root. We also say rootine for routine; why not, therefore, root for route? Uowtine would sound funny.