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Arbuckles' Coffee

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Two Facts About It has set the standard of quality for all competitors for the last thirty years. The strongest claim any competitor can make is that his coflFee is "just as good as ArbucklesV' ' _THREE CONCLU3IONS The best Coflfee is Arbuökles'. The oniy Ootfïee to buy is Arbuckles'. The right thing is to insist on having Arbuckles'. OWo. 72 Me. 74. Noiceless Spring No. 76 No. 78 ANo.8O " _ A Schooi 8ag. -,--.! ,--?f?. ?"{ Lady's Belt Buckle. An Album of Iliustrated : Balance FiPfPI ni:ichoswldteVlOinchcs(J ""ot'Í i Sil-ser platen nrtistic design. Sent Natural HiStory. Scale. ip:f ïl( m: .'■ il d sol io colo " --'" yji 0&, l Postpaid 011 reeeliH of 2 cent i Fifty colorea picturra or Animáis '"aTr."af7? WK iï'Wr'fe nettms. Sent iost-ia:d on jfcf3 postae staiap aui 8 MIectedlbr thtír beauty arid rarlty. y ■ïliil=S -SlíiF-r V ,1 -■=- 1 .■;■■ tiiitWHSE '3K jy ! tores cut trom wippers oí Sent post-paid on receipt of 3 '." , Illii llÜli Hl " , ,SC P ' ,-;;.; oa 4E -- , Arbuckles' Koasted Con=3. cent postaee stamp nnd 1 0 si. _w 'WIHWíí '; stamp cr.r. 10 D!caaturc3 ivccipï ofv. nostnse stamp nnd I natures cut from v-rappers of BÍKi"i'1' iiliiisB irHr-!r-i cut froniwrcppers of Arbuc'-.Ics' ; '.h.-:r 'r . ' s ' frnm wrappera of Arbuckies' líoast?ci Coffee IB!?'""' I '' UI BIIIf Kuastedcote. ■r:'ucu1 ----eJCoffee. No, 77. Tel3scope Sp 'T M 1 r No. 73. A Fifty Foot Tnisarticleispr.-vented NO. 79. Pepper and Salt HfelV '"liaf No. 73. Scholars' Companion. %LuringTape. SicKiaTrS: Holders. Hjife A most useful artiele ior school childrcn. Highlv # "V useful (flpiL.1 ' in cmbossteaLrrf fccJ-otf weign frora polishedwooden „ ..enimxmm .-.„,, : ', ! ' ,'■. ' Cti T = artiele VjggW3 xáSsJx ed nickel iSSEöS 5Sí i one ?unce to 20 Ikh lili lork ■■■" ' K. ii in toe grggjj&) -gB-A covcr rlo S pounds. Sent by and key, I tï-HSHBS ' " " v,'ii' houseMiMíTÍ ffS-'íiSe'ÍA larger than expresa, charges I p - ; WftLSr holdand Vir- tvuPWSi&l an ordiprepaid by us, on cil, pen holder, HÉ"" -- - ? -?J 7 ■ ' ' KS on the OTfeW narywatch n-i - receipt of cent rule and rubber. If --■ - .-==.,3iít'' : "j t ; . ; Mty farm. '," J Sy whên telefS5 WSS& postase stamp Sent BPT i ■ " =JS==r=5t MWJ Brass case' ' J Xs icopeil, an1 '-00 sjnapaid on Bi V' i 'íbT 'X-ml'fi ", "■' i . !■'■' ! #( platf Í J when exMade of (ierman Silver wltbout """ cut from ceipt of two B.! - ' '■-'-■:- "trï? - - I Nfej' 'i'iy cdlincntape s ■ tended seam or joint except where tops w ra P rer s of Arcent postase W? X4&i iilty feet long, holds asmndi as a r-offe cup. Sent screw on and off. Sent post-pnid buckles' Roasted stamp and 15 Bi -.$■}-- ,-ssssm -_-- Sent posI. post.nnjd „„ lerei),t „f 2 cent on receipt of 2 cent postage Vo e' hen or" siKnatures cut O? i pnfii n rrceipt of !í cent postsige postase stninii nntl 13 sienastamp and 13 sienntures cut üermS name your from wrappers of Arbuckles' Koasted Coffee. Intnnip and 1 s sienatiires cut from tares pat fr ,m Kl-anpers of ArIrom -rappere of Arbuckles' ?,"„ „hlt? f,ie" wrappersuf Arbuckles' lioasted Coffee. buckles' P.oap'i-d Cc.fT'.c. Roasted Coffee. Umce as well aa your Post Office. No. 81 n&n No. 82 Mo. 83 Anj one Book of the foliowing List wiil be sent post-paid on receipt No 91 Men's R iwing1" 1HW of a 2 cent postage stamp and 10 signatures cut from The First Prayer. Suspenders. b . f strop. I iJR Wi&m lhe wrappers of Arbuckles' Roasted Coffee. fe Sié%a5'4??:?Ss?í3E -- i Abeautiful aa _ Elastic Web fc-Vl A "Io, SJSíááMffiB No. C4 A ONE N1GHT MY3TERY, and two olhergreat Detective VA llmported mM Suspenders, M , one cflcathcr and ! Am Btories.byOl.DSLr.tTTH." A% Picture 15x20 mj durable, ncat! k . u gvfM ï.orIp1 EAGHELR' bJ C"Bi 3 ifl wellmoBRted. , Lerith, 22i:ic!.es. 2&#SS#íffi No. 06 TEMPEST AND S-J-JSHINE 'a Mrs. Maej j. .8 S'Ze' Sent Sr'IS gentPost- % wldtn, two niches, i -JpTVifeY -&í':l JIolmes. The most popular fcgiale wruer of iïctionof theage. 'lv l% Post-paid HWp paid on % trimmings nickel t&M&é&í&ZviÉ No. 07 THE SUNNYSIDE COOK BOOK, hy Mrs. Jennie fe?fe 1 '--AU0 % On receipt ''"llsii cciptoftwo %, platea. c:it 3J2KScIKSkSM Harlan. Tliis is ene of most comprenensive, common ifflS SSSUQ-ísjÍiV of 3 cent S i f 'ï cent H ioBt-i5_d c:, - . .,.$&i eense Cook Boots ever publUhod. '-%3%L& M postase Í K;-: .. „. stamp % i-reciv: oi ..... ._ ■■ ■■ No. "i OLD SECRETS vi: NEW DISCOVERIES. PI s book ZL ■ '■ ' , , .. Ü fe "„.i i '. ■■ ÍM o ent postaco üwidsome -cloth. takes the reader out of thé beaten tracks of knowledge, and wil! fSnV'KjSfc: stamp and 50 8 '■"?„ cut' # Utaiiip od ÍC :::: ', ." -, ;■";. i tlii -be íound bota entertaimng and useíu!. iJípVyf 10 siena'M Q from JígSlVI'-iSuatn.res c::t „;,".'- "„J. ' ; ..',, ro r"pi( No' 89 THREE THOUSAND THIN GS WORTH KNOWING, hy fl K tures cut m fñ wñ of Ir I ]f W(tro:n "Tcr! d !'ï '-i' '"' I osmio R.MOOBB author of ''Moore Universal Assistanc." Tbis ooi A" from . #I Ii„cHPoast M MArbucklea r.c:: ,.- stamp Rfcrt ?3 Ri,?i-! Isanencyclopedïaofhlghiyusefulinfgnnationincondensedform.l 1 #flBflfl6,i:„ l%3 ?]cd Coüee. taresf c;it írñia v.-rapnersofi No. 90 THE CITY OF DREADFUL NiGHT, and other atories- pers cf Arbuckles' Roasted Coffee. , " eaonee. ygf g Arbuckles I'.oaiied C'oiTee. ty Kuuvakd Kipi.inu. I 92 Ho. 93 Wo. 94. A Basket of Beauties. No. 95 No. 96. Woah's Ark. The First KÍ3S TWO Is Company. A magnifleent picture of Boses by Paul de ThreeBeautiful , mm.„JS consistine of 12 min oí - T, ■ , I.":i'-pn;. the great painter of liowprs. Wei Flowef waspauitPfl bel!eve ttn3 Lo he oue of tbe bandaomest Picturès Animals-Klephants. Camels, Deer, Horses, &? 1'u.1'' ■ ._Z Cattle, Donkm. Ooats. I.ions, Beare, Tigers, Mónui.jhis - ÍV-SSs Each nleasurlng 9áxl7 EfoPn'JÍUa ÊMNsff Kach pair i, coupled and printings is j 'y. -SYWra[SSi YiLT.l 'ï. ' " Summer Fragrance," stands ulone. They are lltbographed in WOTknofa"te mfeívi 'AVaseofLilies,-and many colora o.l Heavy cardboard. cut out S" "N. SálMWk "rsh and Sweet," embosseii. K feature of the Anlmals 2oá inobes. , laSj&JÏTOSiStev ' The5 t!jree pictures all pad-n i $3BaËMÊ$&&3$ go tosether' and wtu be ia distincüy The elephant8 are 7 receipt of I (SZskíl'U'tír' sent post-imid on I incbes liigh and iu inches long. and theother r p'o'ii tïe e Í ' " - ' ; Ce'Pt ' CeDt POSI" ' Animáis are proportior.-ttiy large. Sent i'í%- tures cut ;- S stamp and flower pictures ever oflered to the public. It ase stamp and 5 siB" ! post-paid on receipt olíi cent postase 1JL-V from wrap & ,fg " 10 : Is 16$Lx2R2s niches in size. Sent pogr-paid . nntures cut from j De of : 'tures c ut ! nu receipt of 'i cent postase atamp ;inl Des of r bücl; les' i stamp aml 15 sisnatures cut from , , cu-leu' Roiintpri rnm.o Per30IAr from wrappera of Arbuckles' Koasttd , 1 (I sienntures cut' from wrappers óf S . , , , , .„ bucklea Roaated Coflee. j Coffee. . ; buckw Rnasted Coflee. I Koasted Coffee. wrappers of Arbuckles' Roasted Cottee, No. 97. Eighty-one Cold Eyed Needies. N - - - i f- - g- j- Put up in a plBl No. S9 L" 'Gafetv i J Ml pH í " signaij;.:íJ cent postase stamp : JIM postase stamp nnd u p peured or refe H tí tures cut ■SÍSÍSi'-í an1 í 0 signaturas cu: i N i! Bnninr- rat fmm B 'eased. ent !■ H - 1 from wrap= ' -■ J from wrappers of V 7 i sl-natuI es cut trom ffií 5 iiost-pald on B tfHB Pers of A'r" á buckles' Koasted Coflee. Vi_-jlj wrappers of Arbuckles' j 'üa ve" ',','- oi I i' p- - -B__ i buckles' v ■ j' jjjjjly Koasted Coffee. stamp uliíi S. ia iimiies cut from fc- ' Koasted Cofwrappers of Arbutu'es' üoas'.ed Coffee. This Is a picture ol the Sin,_ " ' - 1 This represents one page of a F.istwbieh is fonr.d ir. eacb nature on Arbuckles' Roasted ) - . pound paekage of Arbuckles' Kcasied Corlee, r.nci witti eaeh Coffee Wraooer which vou are rf i jft paekage ín which the List is fotiud the purehuser lias bought tn rfi? nii and Td lo us a? I I 0 1 Sil J B deflnite pan of some article to be selecteci by bim or her vnurhe? jflX. W AlJ 4 A frorn the List, subject only to the conüition tliat M-nature voucner' A) jfn t OÍfV Jr i fl-ÍS)jS?J on lhe paekage isto be cutout and rouraeii to Arbuckie Bros. No other part ot the Coflee P -jf LJ fcV-" t ""-' 1 %S%rr as a voucher, in accordance with the directions printed in Wrapper will be accepted as a # v ft connectiouwitheach item illustratedand describedin tbe List, voucher, nor will this Picture be f ' Tbie List will be kept good only t m May 31, 1900. Auotber accepted as such. aOME OF OUK SIGNATURES ARE PRINTED ON RED BACKGROUND. page of this List win appear in this paper shortly. áddress all Communications to ARBUCKLE BROS.. NOTION PEPT., NEW YORK CITY N, Y,