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The central heating plant of the Uui vesrity started np yesterday. Th.s is abont one week sooner than last year. O. A. Saner & Co. ran 10,000 ft. of lamber through their planer yesterday, an exceptionally large run. Marsha' D. Vinkle ran the plauer. Germania Lodge, D. O. H., last ev6ning initiated four uew candidates into the mysteries ot the order. The lodge has cow 206 nierubers, the largest membership of any lodge of the order in the state. J. M. Perkins, janitor of the Waterman gymnasium, is back at work toda.y after getting lime in bis eye. He has his eye bandaged. He does not think he wili receive auy permanent iujury f rom the accident. The words of the solo '"Holy City," sang so fiueiy by Johuathan Stanger, od Sunday evening in the Bethlehem chureh. were translated by The( piile Stanger, editor of the Hausfreund-jtJost. Mr. Stanger is a poet of rnerit. Jeremiah H. Boyle, the wel! kuown agncultnral dealer, of Detroit st., has sold out bis stock of buggies to Michael Breoner aiicrtbe balance oí his stock to Victor Benz. Kr. Boyle bas many friends wbo will regret to see hiin going out of business. Fred Schmid, of Lodi Plains, who was badly lujared by aa euraged buil some days ago, is reported to be siowly failing. Yesterday be wás nnconscious. The buil bad been dehorned but that did not prevent tbe animal from kuockiug down Mr. Schmid and pawing him. Walter Taylor iias been engaged rb 6iug tenor with the choir of tbe M. E. church for the next year. His tenor voice will form a desirable acquisitiou for tbe music of that chnreh. The choir will reroain as in previous years, a chorus choir with a qnartette. The Anu Arbor board of health, Dr. Ernest A. Clark, health officer, reported to the council for the months of July and August that the board had mide 123 inspections of nuisances. There had been in the city a few cases of scarlet fever and one of diphthena but all had been a mild form and uot epidemie. The first meeting of the State Board of Examiuers of Horseshoers will be held in the city of Jackson, Friday, Sepfc. 23, for the purpose of registering üorseshoers in compliauce with the act passed by the legislatuie at its last session, which takes effect on the above date, Sept. 22, requiring all horseshoers practicitig iu citiesof 10,000 iuhabitants to register with the secretary ot the board withiu six months of the above date, (Sept. 22), otherwise xindergo an examinaton permitting them to practice as horseshoers. From Wednesday 's Daily Argus. Charles Matthewson and Charles Bnrnharu ara laying new tar walks before theii properties on Broadway. Schlemruer Bros., of the Ann Arbor Fluö'RugCo., are improviug the iuterior oL their main building by taking ont a partition. Their business is ïncreasing. Mrs. Dean C. Worce6ter yesterday receivöd a cablegram'írom her hnsbaud at Manila, stating that he wonld sail from Houg Kong on Sept. 26, and expected to reach Vanconver ;;bout Oct. 18. Peter Lehman says that a postscript should have been added to the Judsou interview in whioh the "Mysterious ? withdraws froru politics. "ïhere slioald havfi been added, 'P. S. - Uuless they got me iuad,' " said Mr. Lehman. A. G. Lentzjhas brnkeu grouud for a handsome new house on the Mulligan property ou Broadway on the Northsirte. Half of the lot, with the former residenoe he has sold to Mr. White. Ueorge Clark has the contract for Mr. Lfintz's house. Every train is bringing in students for the iiniversity and University School ot Mnsic. Thej aie coming thie year a httle earlier than usnal which is hoped to be au indication that the nnmber will even surpass that of laat year. Cali Up The Ann Arbor Brewing Company either phones No. 101. From Thursday's Daily Argus. Elmer M. Stofflet and Miss Mitta Owen, of Tecumseh, will be married Sept. 2f, when congratulations will be in order. Warren Lewia, advertising manager of the grp;it norse fair and racing carniva), to bc held on the Ypsilanti fair grounds, Oct„ 10, 11, 12 and 13, is billing the t;arnifal like a circus in the, adjoining oitifp. Attorney Randall has wen his case in the suprema ecurfc in which Dnmpey vs. Hi)ton was the title of the canse. This was the secund time tho case has been in the tsuipwe court. It involved some tax fcitles in Monroe county. Dudiey Taylor, '96 law, Pred L. Ingraham, '96 law, president, of his class and recemly teacher of elocutiou in the Ypsilanti Normal, and Frank P. SadIer, '90 lit and '98 law have formed a law partnership ia Chicago. The two latter each won the inter-uoliegiate oratorical contests.