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The Lady Maccabees wiil give a dance in their new hall in the Gilbert block, east side, Friday evetring, Sept 22. Bill for dancing 50 cents, icp crearu and cake will be sprved to all desiriug refreshments at 10 cents. This morning's Free Press tells of the mysterious disappearance of Miss Dora Dolbee, who left Dr. Osins' office in Detroit Satnrday for a visit in Ypsilanti, sendingher baggage to the depot. Sbe has not been heard of and detectives are working on the case. Dr. Batwell is having a visit from his son Charles, who has iiot been in Ypsijanti for 20 years. He sees many changes in tbe "old bnrg" everything seeins cew. He was a normalite in years gone by tid the ctanges and building are oi' mv.ah interfst. Bnt the improveiM ':t.s are so mauy that he eau scarcely ippreciate them all throagh the eutire lengtb of his stay. He is engaged in the stock yards in St. Louis. The convalesence of Dr. Batwell is very slow. Secretary Rass of the Ypsilanti Trottiug Hcrse Association returned yesterday from a trio east to New York and other places in the interest of the racps to be held here Oct. 10. 11, 12 and ia. Fie reports favoraDle propects for the best meet ever held in Ypsilanti. He is a believer in the powers of printer's ink in all such undertakings and is resorting to it liberally. Word has already been received from various horsemen in every direction statirig their purpose to attend the races. He has gotteu oat au elegant membership ticket or badge wnich will be woru by all members. Mrs. D. O. Loomis, of Ypsilanti Plains, died at her home yesterday at 3 o'clock in the afternuon. She was taken lil last Thursday with pnenmonia and died as bef ore sta ted The funeral will ocour tomorrow afternoon at S o'clock from bf r late resideuce. V?. ■■■ From Wednesday's Daily Argus. Jas. II. Davis is said to have the fastest green horse in the state. He purchased the animal of Dr. Drury, of his city. Fred Tedley has broken ground for a fine new residenoe on Congress street. just aboue Summit. Rumor savs he has no intention of ocoupying it alone. The board of public works has closed the deal for the purchase by the city of the Ypsilanti Paper Company's buildings, the sum paid being $250. They will be used for storage pnrposes. A large number of Saline people came down over the electric roacl this morning, and went to Detroit to attend the Odd Fellows' gathering there today. The crowd filled three cars. A large Ann Arbor contingent also passed through the city on their way to Detroit. F. E. Mills, of Aun Arbor, secretary of the Washtenaw fair was in tbe city hustling in the interest of the fair. It will occnr Oct. 3, 4, 5 and 6, and all indications poiut to the bestone in the history of the association. Mr. Mills is the right man in the right place, willing to do lots of hard work for snccess and conseqnently achieves it. As a result of this work there are now more applications for space than there are accommodations for. It will be a humtner. It is vmderstoorl that considerable pressure is being brought to bear upon ex-Alderman William Manwell to induce him to again sacrih'ce himself on the altar for the Third ward aldermanic office. So far as known, his consent to make the run has not been obtained. Ex-Mayor Harlow Wells is another good man whose name has been mentioned in connection with the place, but both of these gentlemen have held the offlce, and ire shy. Either would do credit to the place. From Thursdav's Daily Argus. The laying of the gvoutinsr on Congress street, betweeu Huron and Washington has been completed, or practically so. and the other side of the street is being plowed up today preparatory to the laying of the grouting there. The plow turned up an old water pipe this morning which had been used years ago to pump water from the rivèr to a large sistern at the corner of Congress and Washington street. The cistern was used bei'ore the days of water works and when the lire e agine was used for pumping purposes and throwing water. The Peninsular Paper Mili stavted up yesterday after a sbut-down of se ven or eight weeks. In a few days the mil) wil] be turning out paper again and all employees will ba at work. It is rumorea that hard coal vvill sood, about Oct. 18, take another boost on account of the inereased freieht rates f rom the mines to Buffalo. It is now selling tor $(.75. but will undoubtedly go higher. Postmaster Bogardus has a letter from Congressman Smith relative to free rural mail delivery. Mr. Smith says it will surely come, aithongh he says nothing as to the date, or whether it is true that the last appropriation has been exhausted and that Ypsilan'i will not, therefore, eet it until after Congress makes another appropriation. That is the question whicli particularly interests Ypsilant; and surrounding country just now.