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Attractions At The Fair

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As the time draws near for the opening of tbe fair, we are able, throngh the courtesy of the geueral Superintendent, to give our leaders a few items of interese cuncerning it. The secretary's books show more applications for space than ever before at this date, anri the question is ïiot 'will the space in the halls, stables and pens be filledï" bnt what additiou will the society be ooliged to make to accommodate the vaiions eshbits? Some classes will have to go under tents whidb have already been rented for that pnrpose, and Sopt. Mills bas employed a forcé of men to bnild or arrange for extra space lor exhibitors, so that all who ceme will beprovided for. Several frieuds of the society have oft'ered fine special prizeswhich wül be aimouDced thia week in the Fair News. The varióos committees have worked togetber very harmouionsly this year and all ontside privileges havs been let iu advance. Tiiere will be a first-class lot of amuseineuts for the people. The coiuiriitfee on special attractions have giveu the sntrject more tban uuusnal atteution, and lmve secured a list that is firit class in eveiy respect and which will give the patrons of the fair an entertainment well worth their "quarter" ïf they could see nothicg else besides, but all entertaiumeuts on the gronuns are free to those who have paid their admission fee. For special attractious, first they have secured the famous Chmg Ling Too troup of Chiuese rriagiciau8, jngglers and acrobats, who are bound to snrpnse the people with their wonderfnl and astoni.shing feats. Secoudly, the celebrated Ray Buitou, a high wire performer, will be here. His tricks begin where otbers leave off, by which he bas becorue a wonder in New York, Washington, Chicago and otherlarge cines, and the committec in charge have ruadu uo small ex er t i on to iudnee hirn to uome to so small a towu as Ann Arbor and give au outdoor exhibition. The third attraution will be the Einmons high diving dog and train'ed pigs, that do everything but talk. Their performauces will show what kindoess can teach dnmb animáis. Pourtb, tbey have secured a life-size panorama, or ratber a 125,000 oil painting, whioh is a series of scènes of real llfe, depicting all classes of society from the attics of poverty to the gilded inansious of wealth. Great war scènes are also giveu, showing what the American soldier bas endnred and the great victories won on land and sea by the United States soldiers and sailors since 1860. This paiuting will bo on display each day all day long during the fair. With the addition of a well organized cake walk and eight good races, any kind of taste onght to b8 satisfied.