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A. A. Bedel, the sou, has bsen íip pointed to take charge of nis father's stock of boots and shoes until a general administartor of the estáte can be ' ponted. The Michigan Central ha.s a large gang of men at work on the new track I which is being laid to make a doublé track to Geddes. It is every nearly completed now, the cnnnections are , ing pnt. in. The Central has a doublé j track uow írom Detroit to Geddes and trom Dcxter west, the distance Detween Geddes and Dexter being the only single track in Michigan. There are j 120 men working od this part of the work besides those engaged in putting in the interlocker. The interlocker will be ready for use in about a week. A fine new tower house has been built at the Forest ave. crossingjand all switches will be operated froin it. New gates have also been placed t at this crossing tor purposes of safety. I Prom Saturday's Dailv Arjus, Deputy Sberifï McKinstry, of Wayne oonutv came here tlüs morning anrl ar rested au Ypsilanti young man oliarged with stealiug water melouti aud for othtr mischief in the ruelou patch. ïe was one of a party who settled with the same inau some time ago for cooning nislous ït is said. Brit the ireseut orrest is said to be íov au euirely different ofïeuse. The Allen family of vshich Mayor E. P. Allen and the Rev. O. T. Allen, D D , of Chis city aro merubers, i a notod :amily in many respects and bas niauy points of history w .ich are very mter esting. Eive bi-others were in the aim dnriug the civil war, threb returned as captams, oue as ussistant surgeon and one as a bigh private, aud the l-ist claims the honor of having done more ttiau any other of bis brothers in putting down the rtjbellion. All liut oue were born in Washtenaw couiity. The eldest was born in New York. Tsvo of the brothers are preachers, one of the Methodist deuoininatr'ou aud the other of' the Congregational. The Rev. Dr. Allen, of tais city, has two sous who are also Methodist preachers, Eagene O. and Clarence E., riow stationed iu Detroit. Rev. A. B. Alien is located at Oberlin, Ohio. Dr. Allen is at Adrian, and the other brocher died uot long ago at Kansas City. He was an attorney. Politically th brothers are divided, three being ïepnblicans, one a prohibitiomst, and oue a populist. From Monday's Daily Argus. There was a pleasiut informal dance at the Golf club bonse last uight. Twelve conplss vfere present and kept up the pleasant pastime to a late hour. The Golf club hnng out an elegant new sign board today. Thö back ground is green and the letters are red. It bears the legend, "For meruoers only. " Warren H. Lewis, assistant secretary of the Ypsilanti Tortting Horse Association has sent out 640 letters aud circnlars to horse breeders aud exhibifcors ot horses relative to the races to be held here on Oot. 10, 11, 12 and 13. Many answers nave been received with the statement taat the writers would attend the races. H. D. Platt, superintendent of the creamery, says the Ypsilanti iustitntion paid the highest price for cream last year of all the instiiutions buying milk in Michigan. The cream aud bntter of bis factory.the entire product for the year, sold for .$56, 000. The product was mostly sold ontside bnt tbe money received was largely spent at Ypsilanti. Thns it will fie seen that tbis is a px-etty good institutioa for this commuuity.