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WILL HAVE TO PAY $1.20 PER $1,000 The directora of the Germán Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Conipany of Washtenaw (Jomity. met at. the Court huuse this af'ternoon and ligured up the assessmeïit for the year. . Total arnount of loses $4.143.00 Assessmeïit for $1,000 1.20 The asessment last year was $1 $1,000. The greatesl Iosshr hnvn been the followiu,': Anna Steft'y. Chelfea f 1.457; Georsre Zeeb, North i el tl, Sl,20 ; Jacob btaebler, Scio, $4y. iNot so very long ago ptrates attacked a yessel in the Chinese sea. The crew fled in terror to the rigging, but the captain's wife seized a cutlass, and as the pirates' heads appeared over the I vessel's side, she cut them down like weeds, until those remaining re-entered 1 áC their boatsand rowed away. j Diseases that attack women are worse then ■ pirates. They torture long before they kill. But women can beat thein off and cut them down with Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. This is a woman's remedy that has no alcohol, opium or other narcotic in it. It is the prescription of Dr. R. V. Pierce, of Buffalo, N. Y., who has devoted a long and successful life to the study and treatment of diseases peculiar to ■women. It overcomes irregularities, stops disagreeable drains, bearing-down pains and backache; cures female and headache. It helps the girl over the difficulties encountered when she enters womanhood; makes the period preceding maternity a time of comfort; and the newborn enters the world without unnecessary pain to the mother. At the "turn of life " it is priceless to womankind. Medicine dealers sell it, and you should neyer permit them to substitute other medicine ■which they inay urge upon you as "just as good." "I had been a great sufferer from female weakuess," writes Mrs. M. B. Wallace, of Mueuster, Cooke Co., Texas. "Itried four doctors and none did me any good. I sufFered six years, but at last I fouud relief. I followed your advice, and took four bottles of ' Goldeu Medical Discovery,' aud eight of the ' Favorite Prescription.' I now feel like a neiu woman. I have gained eighteen pounds." In paper covers, 21 one - cent stamps ; ' cloth binding, io cents extra - Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y. WKITKI'I.AtSI.YLKTTKKIMi tfSSáJa 1TANTKU, and we will eend H RfcJ I ?Cl you by freigbt, FBK1GHT ]■ I paid, C. O.D., subject to )■ I vyT examlnation, thi hsodsome I ■ - ri lioyai Bine Marble I [2miVÍW I O? Btone, puaranttieing safe áiHS&SSuH I 2! delivery. Examine it at M BhB m your frelght de put, and i f ■ Ia ïound perfefílj-nallsfaetory, I eiactly as repreneoted, jBH andeqaalto slones that _. Bl retall at 20.00 to ■ BHBDBIUIHI Í8O.0O, pa; the frelsrht I uu-ent Our Special I K+WH Offer Pr Ice, $9.98. ■ less tbe 1 1 . w sent Tt KV, with order, e - HÍJÍffpmHSI Bvnv anypolnt east of the KmiWS Hoantains. THIS HANDS0MEORAVEST0NEismade,cutttraced,le teredand pohshed in very latest style, from flnest Roy Blue Clotic Oi aio fflarhle, is non-destroctlblc, and bu ■ Heb hlhly pollshed, unfading eolor. draveitone Is 20 inebes hifrh lfl inehciiwldeatbase. Write TnrprircHon others) j los andiIipH Address, SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., CHICAGO