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DRY 6C0DS g FURNITURE ADÍES' SH9ES HJT VT A i? F" GARPLTS BENT'S FURNISHINGS 1 1 L, OIIÍIaL DRAPERIES MILLINERY - ■-■■ e BASEMENT BAZAAR CLOAKS AND SU1TS THE MORE WE SELL THE CHEAPER WE SELL This great store never demonstrated this fact so plainly and impressively as now. Today we are seüing at a much smaller margin of profit than ever and consequently save you more money than ever before. Every department of the store corroborates this statement. Every department is thoroughly bargain equipped for fall trading and contains items of interest for you. INVESTÍGATE OUR OFFERINOS THIS WEEK Fall Suits, Jackets and Capes "You can buy cheaper at Mack's than you can in Detroit." How many times have you heard this expression in regard to ladies ready to wear garments? It is a knowledge of this fact that brings this department a royal and ever increasing trade. OIIP Fall Suits m Small Fur Garments =: Fancy and Plain Dress Skirts Ladies' and Children's Jackets Are here in a completeness of sdection that is without parellel in a series of extraord:'nary bargains, that is bound to appeal to you with exceptional forcé and demónstrate more than ever that Mack's is not only the cheapest but the best. LADIES' COLLARETTES in Coney, Electric Seal, Astrachan, Marten, etc, $2, $3, $4.50 up to $25. LADIDS' STORM COLLARS in Electric Seal, Onpossum, Black Marten, Stone Marten, $2.50 to $25. LADIES' BOAS AND STOLES in all kinds of Fur all popular priced. SUPERB STYLES IN DRESS GOODS A DEPARTMENT OM A PAR WITH STORES OF LARGE CITIES. Recognizing the fact that our Dress Goods Department comes in direct competition with Detroit and Toledo, we went into the market with a determination to make it equal to the best, to purchase a stock of Dress Goods that would compare favorably with any of them. We place before the ladies this week the results of our purchasing and solicit a critical inspection of the QUALITY, STYLE AND PRICE Skirt Patterns in all the New Plaids, per yard ..... $1.75, $2.00, #2.25 54-inch wide Scotch Plaids, -------- 1.00, 1.25, 1.45 Camels Hair Plaids, all wool, special,1 ------ ,yj Silk and Wool Novelties, Dress Lengths, per yard, ----- 1.40 to 2.00 50-inch Venitian Cloth; all colors, - - - - - - ' 1.00 to 1.50 54-inch Homespuns, all wool and all the desirable mixtures, - ... 1.25 BT;YMILLn8 Black Dress Goods Worsten Dress Goods "zí::? The entire pfoduction of these famous milis Every yard sold guaranteed for satisfactory wear. now on sale. Silk and Wool Crepons and Novelties, Granite Cheviot, Blue, Brown, Red and - - $2.50 to $3.50 Gray, - - - - 80 to 85c All Wool Crepons, representing every 46-inch wide Storm Serge all colors, 65 to 75c weave by these celebrated makers, 42-inch wide Storm Serge all colors, 50c - $1-15, #i-25 $1-50, $1.75, $2.00, $2.25 All Wool Novelty Dress Goods, Plaids, Granite Weave, Armure Satine, Wool Coerts, Homespuns, etc, bargains at 50c Figures, Mohair Figures, Wool Soliel. 1 lot of 45c Novelty Dress Goods, a Camels hair Vicuña, - S1.ootol1.5o drivv at 29c 90c Storm Serge 45-inches wide, at - 48c At 25c - Plaids, Silk and Wool Novelties, Mixtures, Priestley's and Gold Medal Cheviots, etc.e5O styles. ... - 80c, $1.00, $1. 25 M EN'S FURNISHINGS Beginning this day we will offer from our stock of Men's Furnishings the foflowing live bargains: The best Fine Negligee Shirts (soft collars) regular price 75c and 50c for 33c The best Fine Wool Negligee Shirts, regular price $1.00 to $2 00 for 53c Boys' Cotton Sweaters, 2 to 10 years, Blue and Black stripe, worth 50c, for 28c Boys' and Men's Cotton Sweaters, Gray, Blue and Ecre, worth 50c, for 23c Men's Assorted Wool Sweaters, Blue, Black, Etc., regular price $1.00 to $2.50 75c Men's Fine Cotton and Wool Cardigan Jackets, One-Fourth Off Regular Price. An assortment of odd sizes in Fine White Shirts, regular 50c, 75c and $1.00, for 23c Odd sizes in Fall and Winter Underwear, Wool and Cotton, regular price 50c, 75c and $2.00, for J off (These are good silks) Neckwear in all styles and patterns, regular price 50c and 75c, for 1 off Great values in Working Sox, regular 2 pair for 25c, now 3 pair for 25c Fine Night Robes, broken lots, regular price St.oo, $1.50, $2.00, for 76c Suspenders, a fine 25c brace, worth 35c, we are selling them at 16c Men's and Boys' Golf Caps, regular price 50c and 75c, for 36c Our Fine Line of Negligee Shirts - any shirt for 93C Fine Gold plated Collar Buttons, sell anywhere for 10c, 6 for : 25c A large line of Golf Hose, we are selling them at y2 Cost. HOSIERY FOR LADIES, CHILDREN AND BOYS Ladies' 25c black cotton hose, full regular made doublé sole, high spliced heel 19c or 3 for 50c Ladies' F'leece Lined Hose, heavy 10c; Ladies Fleece Lined Hose, extra heavy iSc' Best assortment of Ladies' Fancy Hose ever shown in the city. Ladies' Silk Lisie Hose fancy striped and polka dots 50C Ladies' Plain and Drop Stitch Lisie fancy striped and polka dots 3SC Ladies' Plain and Fancy Striped Cotton Hose, New Blue, Red, Violet and Turquoise at 25c per pair. 35c Ladies' Onyx Black Lisie Thread Hose on sale at 2SC Children's 15c Doublé Knee Russet Hose, all sizes, at per pair 9C Misses' 2 Thread Black Cotton Hose, 19c quality, at J5C Boy's Heavy 25c Black Cotton Hose, 19c or 3 pair 50c; Boy's Fleece Lined School Hose i5c Boy's Heavy Black Cotton Hose, 1 5c or 2 pair for 2SC BOTH PHONES.