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nervous,weak, 1 diseased men. Bnocure-nopay Pi THE NEW METHOD TREATMENT, Wj yjongniiil willi Drs. K. & K., will 1 k ■ tively cure forever any form of Blood or ■ ■ feexual disease. It is tho result of 30 ■ T72 ycars' experienco in tho treatinent of Hl IO these diseases. I 'i JWECURESYPHILISH P This terrible Blood Poison, tho terror PI Uri &VÏ??i9&ÖÏ?ldB read'y to our NEW M ■ TREATMENT. Beware of Mercury, ■■ WM 1 Dtuïli, etc. l'hey may ruin your system. H PW If you have sorea in tho mouth or tongue, ■ I il l'ams in tho joints, sore throat, hair or P3 LJ eyebrows falling out, pimples or blotches, j II stomach derangement, sore eyes, % IJ aches, etc, you havo tho secondary stago [T MR of this Blood Poison. We solicit tho HD r most obstinate cases, and challenge thoP2 U wond for a caso wo accept for treatmcnt Lij ■ and cannot cure. By our treatrnent tlie B ■ ulcera heal, the hair grows again, pains H rfl disappear. tho skin becouies healthy, aud H IJ marriago is possibio and fafe. rï 0 CURES GUARANTEED0 rri Thousandsof young and iniddle-ngi'd ff M men havo their vigor and vitality ?aiped I ■ hy early abuses, later excesses, mental m ■ worry, etc. No matter the cause, our I BH New Method Treatment ia tho ref uge. WwecureimpotencyH kJ And restore all parta to a normal IJ tjl tion. Ambition, Ufo and energy aro HJ L1 newed, and one feels bimself a man U among men. Every caso ia treated UJ ■ vidually - no cnre-all - heneo our H ■ ful success. No matter what ails you, ■ rd consult na confidentially. Wo can f t nish bank bonds to guaranteo to 1 1 PJ plish what ivo claim. Ub M 250,000 CUREDÖ jj Wo treat and cure: EMISSIÖNS LJ ■ VARICOCELE. SYPHILIS, (JLEEÏ, ■ ■ STRICTURE, ÍMPOTBNCT, SECRET ■ ■ DRAINS, I NNAT1 UAL DISCHARG-M Pl ES, KIDNEY and BLADDER Diseases. lij U C0NSULÏATI0N FREE. BOOKS l ■TI FREE. lf unable to cali, write for fT l2 QUESTION BLANK for HOME UM ■R TREA11ENT. W LJ DRS. US ■Kemnedy Kergan I vi Cor. Michigan Ave. and Sheiby St. H Ld DETROIT, MICH. U 3= SEND MONfY LU - i f&tt%&L) CtT TUIS AD. OUT íind C - f?Kíi send lo us, state your V, %VL.&!&rj3L welght and lieight also Ifc3 I 'sL& nuinber inches around CT3 I Kê body at bu&t and nerk, "," In. H Ueautlful IMush Cape to IÍUfilf gqlEiËSfcL Jiff you by expresa, '. 'V 15 icv O. D., subji-ci lo exjWP ÉflBBKSuBkk íiminaílon. You can ■IF' ■# r wfdl examine and try it PpBIsHÍ oh at yournearest ■ Hm? express office nd ffliM aa-P,A if found pert'ectly , ; , ■, , ,■ ., , . , ■ I '-; llxÊfik aild lhe MOST MgBBÊUBlSuBUmmBnSwi VALUÉ yu ever jaS '"tKíIi sttw or near(' WSnuSHHI1 i)rfss agent OUR jjpRiiKBHgmF and express I EglJtegí charges ospress -,;..- ■ ■ - ■. arv.ilhocraSDlo; ÜF I c-nts for 1, 000 miles. ThÍQ Oiríiilar Plnch fano Isvcrj latest stjle fnr Val! inib circular riUSn tape 8ndwin(er.madeoffinest Salt1 Seal Plush, 20 inches lonp:, out full sweep. lined throughout with nreerísd Siu in iiiaok, blnenrrod. Very elaboratelv embroidered with wuUehe Imilii and blauk bea.lintc asUIustrated. Trimmed all around with extra fine Black Tliibet Fur. heavily interlined with wadiUng and flber chamóle Wrile rr iWe Cloak Cataloga. Address, SEARS, ROEBUCK &, CO., CHICAGO ear, Roebuck & Co ora íiiorou Jlj reliablc- Editor.)