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Seed Beans and Seed Bnckwheat FOR SALE AT THE CENTRAL MILLS, ANN ARBOR. J Fred Hoelzle, DEALER IN Meats, Sausagres, Oysters and Market Goods. Porter House and Sirloia Steaks a Speclalty WASHINGTON MARKET. piRE INSURANiCE. CHRISTIAN MACK, igrent for the followini? First Cltut, Companlei reprenentlng over twenty-eierht Million Dollar Asseta, issues policiee at thelowestrate #--. áCtna of Hartford $9,192,644.00 Franklin of Phila 3,118,713,00 Germania of N. Y 2,700,729.00 American of N. Y. 4,065,968.00 London Aasurance.Load'n 1,416,788.00 Michigan F. & M., Detroit 287,608.00 N'. Y. Underwriters, N. Y. 2,596,679.00 National, Hartford 1 ,774,505.00 Phenix, N . Y 3,759,036.00 ♦-♦ ♦ Special attention givn r he tnsurance o .KBlUnsr, schools, churcn ami pabüc tmlldinff ■ermii o.' tnree and flvu aü-s JÊL $2.75 OX RAIN COAT TBR? ' A HKGLLAK L0.00 UATERPUUUF K'? P MACKISTOSH FOK 52.75. ÏT Qpnri lln Mnnov Cut this ad. out gmpWT aenq " ""OnQY' aud send to us, ! && state your hpiyht and welght, state ; Y; H number of inches a round body ac '{ breast taken over vest under coatí f close up under arms, and we will f send y ou this coat b ex press, C. O. 1 'D., subject loexaminntiou; examine L- Xandtrviton at your nearest exV f'A press óflice and iL found exactly t-JT as represented and the most vonj derfulvalueyou ever saw orbeard }9r ot and! to any coatyou can buy a 65.00, pay tlie expross agent oor special I " oC'crprice, i"2.75, and express charges. i THIS MACKINTOSH is late st A ]Sí9íitvle, ma'"! e ïrom hcaj mUrproof, ■n tan color, genuineDavisCotertClath; extra y long, doublé breasred, Sager velvett L-ollnr, fnncy plaid lining, waterproof gewed, strapped and cementad seams, suitable for both rain orovtrfoat, and puaranteed grcatst value ever offerea iby ua or any other house. For Freo Cioth Samples ot" Men's Mackintosbes up to 65.00, and Made-to-Measure Suits and Overcoats at from 5.00 to 810.00, write for F ARS6,0ROEBÜck & CO., CHICACO, ILU Sears, Eoebnck & Co. are thorousblj reUable.l.(Utor.) Blue Streak, ïhe new immunition of war, is tha most effective insect and parasite destróyer produced today. It is tue most economical and e'ffeetive insect killer on the market. ïo be uísed with hand atomizers, sprayers or spiinkling pot. üur line is complete in the line of iüsecücides as Blue Vitriol Keroeno Emulsión : (nisect Powder Loudon Purple Paris CJreeu Heilebore Daltnatioii,. EPÏjBjiPlï I ÍJñl uiüü&m % yuft, DRUGGISTS, 112 S. Main St. Ann Arbor. CHAS. ZURN, nEALER IN FRESH AND SALT MEATS AND BALOGNA. lliï E. "Wasliiugton St. ")K HAIR SWITCH FREE jV' ON EASY CONDITIONS. mm ■ijti Cut this ad. out and mail to us. Send a f V -J small sample of your hair,cut close tothe V r roots. SEND NO MO.VEY; we will make and J, send y ou by mail. postpaiid,a FINEHUMAM Hila HAIR SWITCH, o exact matcb, made SS íi;,w4r inches long frora selected human haïrr I; lry 2% ounces, short stem. We will inclose kür' ''i in packagewith switch sufficientpostago r%Í?sñ to return i(i to usifnot perfeftl v sstisfactory, .imJÚÁ but if found exactly &s represented and Wa niost extraordinary value and you wish ïiJ 1 to keep it, elf her send usil.50bj mail wit tila W"J lOdBTsorTAKE OKUKRS FOR 3 SWITCHES l 1 Á Aí 1S KacH among your friends and %JhT send to Vs wlthout ■"?■ monJi we to send aP'-ifi the 3 switches to them direct by mail, kwm''rm to be paid for 10 days af ter received Ir {l'{W$r perf ectly satisfaotory.and toq csd thea hae a!&' - W &A t'!e SM'tf h wt' fpnd jou frP'' foryour trnuble. L I 5 Wy WegWe Planos, n'rk-an-., Scwlog Machines, é'lE3 wishes, Furnlture, Watches, BifrtlM, KJirMTff orders for Our Switches. One ladjearned 1 tj a Plano tn Bfteen days, one a Scwlng Slachlae In 2 days. Order a Switch at once or wrlte to-day for FREE PREMITMOFFKR. Addreis. Ladies' Hair Emporium, Chicago. A BOTTJLE OF SARSAPASIL7A For 75 cents i i what you need in the Sprin g. MANN'S DRUG STORE, ?l3MAn