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Mairiage license issued : Rioharc Tnbbs, 58, Dexter, and Aanie E. Laiigley-, 2t5, Uanada. The fonr bonses of Wilham Eobde on W. Wasningtoon st, west oí the Ann Arbor tracks, are receiving a handsorne coat of yaint. Charles Rebfnss has the contract. J. A. Goodyear has bnilt a new resi dence in Manchester. Graharu & Hall have erected a new store. Editor Blosser bas been building a cement are others and Manchester is lookiDg np. The Southern Washteuaw Farmers' club meets with Mr. and Mis. W. ii. Pease. Oct. 6. Geo. S. Eawsou will discnss "Farm Fences. " Mrs. Henion will reaa an essay, and Mrs. Colburn a election. The applications for admission to the university school of mosic are romng in daily. Other states are mnch, if not more, in evulence tban Michigan The people of Jthis city are interested in having a laige home atteudauoe at the school. Jitnmie Flashligbt, Engene Helber's horse, took two heats in the 2:40 clasi at Plymoutb yesterday, and then lost the race. Mr Helber predicts that the Jbioree will have a mark of 2 -.20 before the season is finished He got a mark of 2 :30 yesterday. The house of Allmendiuger & Schneider, vshicti etood north of their mili on First st. and was occupied by Mr. Schneider and family, is being moved to S. Third st. on one of the former's Krause lots. This part of the city is beiug built np very lively. It was always thought Ben Franklin on the campus was a pretty staid old fellow. Since Superintendent Reeves filled Ben up with piaster, he seems to have got frisky. Yesterday the members of the boaid of regents thougt Ben ■was suffering from jaundice. He was thtsrefore given a new coat of paint of a nice brown color. This moining ne looks as if he had been out with the boys and rolled in every gutter in the city. The rain made the paint run. One of the most valuable of the amateur assistants to Driller Smith of the campus well is Comstojk F. Hill, tbe retïred capitalist. He is so practical and expert with tools that he is really a very useful man. His many friends are joking him on the interest heis taking in the well. He answers that since he has come to tuis city from his farm, ne does not get enough txercise. He hopes that with a few days hard ■work bis usual sleep will be restored. From Saturday's Daily Argus. Col. Gardener has been promoted to be a major in the regular army. The AnnArbor Flulï Rugfactory yesterday received over a ton of old carpets to work over into beautiful rugs. The Liquid Air plant to be given to the university by the Brush Electric Co., is at present in tbe process of making in Germany. Crump and Loney have been discharged upon the coinplaint of picking the pocket of D. H. Johnson. There was not sofficient evidence to hold them. Aid. Grose, of the Fifth ward, will remove from the city next week He contemplates spending the vriuter ia the soutb, whileMrs. Grose vtill reside witb hor sou iu Tecnmseh. The o :47 train from the west on the Michigan Outral had two passenger coaches yesterday and three baggage cars. The most of the baggage was left on the Anti Arbor depot platform. A bystauder called attention to the fact tbat it took more cara to carry the baggage than it did the passengers. Ohas. Gauntlett, of Milán, has sdnce the death of his horse. Hazel JRidge, been in search of another horse to take its placo. He found his ideal of a horse at Peoría, 111., and it reached Alilau dnring the past week. It is Lee Vincent, 30,835, bay, sired May 10, 18U7, 16 liands high and weigbs 1200 lbs , is of Electioneer and Wilkes stock. It promises to be a very fast stepper. Considerable interest is being aroused iu the Y. M. C A. night school. A glirnpse into its past record shows that sorne one huiidred different men have taken studies in the school already. Of their number, flve were either business or professional men. Three nave since gone into business for themselves. Two have entered college, and some 57 others are at present occupying positions of trust and responsibilities. The funeral services of Charles Bauh'eld, held in St Andrew's Episcopal church yesterday morning, were very largely attnded. Oo. A turned out in f uil f orce and headed the funeral cortege en its sad errand to Forest Hill cemetery. Rev. Mr. Tatlock officiaed in the ohnreta and at the grave. The floral offerings were beautiful and appropriate and tbe large nuniber of the same showed the respect aod affection in wbich the deceased was held. From Monday's Daily Argus. Marriage license issued : Elmer M. Stofftet, of this city, and Metta M. Owen, of Tecumseh. The Bebr homestead, corner of S Fourtb ave. and William st. , is being reshingled and receiving other improvements. There will be an entertainment given on tbe Northside Friday evening by the Barker Bros. for the benefit of the new cbnrch. Lawrence O'Toole and tamily have removed to No. 209 Catberine st. Mr. O'Toole has had the house renovated and iraproved. John F. Lawrenoe bas been elected a member of tüe Washtenaw Cíolf Club. Tbis is not taken as an indicatiou, however, that he intends to Kaep the Scotch vote from James McMillan in the race for United States senator. An unusual interest is oeing manifested by the merchanta of Ann Arbor in tbe Washtenaw fair, and the present ontlook for exhibitsjis good. Applications for space have been received from Ypsilanti. The funeral services of Mrs. Edward L. Boyden, of Webster, held yesterday afteruoon were very largely attended. Rev. Mr. Allen, of Salem, offlciated. Tbe remains were interred in the family trarial lot in Forest Hill cematery. Hbnry Mayer, 412 Second st., didn't know that a revolver he _was handling yesterday was loaded. The trigger snapped and the 22 calibre bullet passed through his middle fingnr on his left hand. John F. Lawrence has started a snit agaiüst the Ann Arbor road tor klling bis celebrated Jersey heifer, MaryQneen of-Scots (sired by Wiliiam the Conquerer, and damed by Joan d'Arc and the erigineer of the train wbich struck her). Never bas there been snch a complete job of advertising done for a Ypsilanti celebration as is now being done. Saturday Warren Lewis billed Milan, Azalia, Dundee, Mooreville aud Pokeygrab, tbe country roads and all farm houses. Plymoutb County Fair was done by P.A.Westfall. The Ann Arbor Organ Co. is contiuuing to work its men over honrs but is onable to keep op with the orders. Every avaiJable inch in which a man can be placeed is ocenpied. The present output of the company is 300 oreans a ruoutb. The first year D. F. Allmendinger, the soperintendeut, starled the manufacture of organs, he thought he was doing well iu turning out 75. A lot owner of Forest Hill cemetery hascalled attention to the large amount of flower stealing that is being carried on in the grounds. His peopla had a valuable plant on their lot that was last year badly crippled by the many slips stolen. This year the thieves were not satisfied and recently the eutire plant was stolen, tie thinks the board of direetors should station a man at the entrance and search people as they come out. Á number of the merchants of the city wish to spend an atternoon at the Washtenaw fair next week. Tbey have asked that a canvass be made so tliat the clotiing of the stores be made general. In view of the somewhat unpleasant reception of the chairman of tbe committee last year, there is some hesitancy about the matter. To get a full expression of sentiment a meeting may be called and a committee appointed to canvass the matter. Albert Blaesg, oí. Lodi, was in the city today. He reports that Fred Schmid, who rents his farm and who was recently injnred by a buil, is improving and the prospecw are that be will recover. The buil buttea Scbmid and after Deing down rolled him over. Several ribs were broken and the several muscles paralyzed. His heart s all right but his lungs are not yet .jnite clear of pus. If the buil had ■stepped on Schmid with his 1,800 ponud3 vceigbt. he wo-ald cot have ived to teil what happentd. The work of Inving the steel flooring of the dry kiln of the Aun Arbor Chicory Co. was rorupleted Saturday evening. It reqaired over 7,000 rivets to pnt it in plaoa. Zina P.King, the real estáte and instirauce agent, has a bandsoine new sign iu front of his office od S.Main st. ,over Haller's Jewelry store. The rush ia the steward's" office in the ruaiu building on the campus was greatfi today than Satnrday. The stndents at the literary window had to foriu in line and tafee taras iu getung a chance to register. The freshmau olass iu the pharmacy and medical departments vvill be very large. In 1900 the medical conrsn will be Jengtheiied to six years. This fact is beheved to be considered by many who wish to gec in before the change. John Heinzmann, president of the Aun Arbor Chicory Co., and W. J. Booth, secretary, were in Detroit yesterday looking after getfing machinery throngh the custom house. The company impotted the maohinery froin Belignm ana had it sent to Detorit in bond. They report the officials as very accommociating and helpfol so that uo nuuecessary time was lost. This is a pointer to all who have any goods to import trom Enrope, that they will gain time and save much annoyauce if hey direct their good to be sent in bond to the Detroit cnstom house. Pred Q. Schleicher, member of the boara of public works, asked the Daily Argus to cali the attention of the people to the fact that tar walks are really cheaper than plank. The preeent plank fnrnished cost for four rods a little over $9. The planks only last abont thrce years. A good tar walk for the same distance will cost $16 and be good for years, with being waahed over perhaps once in flve years. Mr. Schleicher favors an ordinance forbiddiug any more plank walks to bu laid in the city.