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Just Before He Fired

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The examination of William Schlossruaker for attempt at murder upon Albert Pierce iu the'township of Webster ou Oct. 8, was held Wednesday. Mr. Pierce's testimony was siibstantially as f ollows : "Mr. Schlossmaker rapped at the door as I was eating breakfast. I opeued the door. He says 'come out, I want to see you. ' I weut out saw Mr. Wilson and Mr.Kasack. Mr. Schlossmaker says, 'did you teil these fellows you could knock seven kinds of tar out of me?' I said 'I gave you a great calling down' and I did. He said 'you are a liar.' I said 'you are another. ' I said, 'you are a dirty liar and a blackhearted liar, and if you don 't believe it you can jump on.' He carne on, struck me first. I threw up my fists, and we had a fight. I hit hini after he hit me first. We clinched. We went down on the ground, he on top. He hit me three times while I was down, and I got up with him on my back. I got up with my left arm around his neck. Mr. Schlossmaker then said if I wonld let him go he would never say anything against me or harm me. I let him go. He walked out of the gate muttering something to himself and went to the carriage and ogt his revolver with the remarle, ' I will bury that now. ' Wil] Wilson carne up to his back and grabbed him with both arms. Schlossmaker dropped the revolver to the ground.. Mr. Kasaok picked up the revolver. Schlossmaker said 'I deniand that, because it's my property. ' Kasack hesitated and finally handed the revolver over. Schlossmaker put the revolver in his pocket. Kasack and Wilson got in the buggy. Mr. Schlossmaker started towaids his home. Mr. Schlossmaker said as I was stepping into the house, 'D him, I will fix him for good. ' The boys looked around. I said, 'you could not hit anything' He fired at me. The revolver was pointed at me. I don't know where the bullet went. ' ' The defendant went on the stand and'testified to the trouble.but claimed that he simply shot in the air in order to scare Pierce. Justice Duffy bound the defeudant over to the circuit court.