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#2.75 PO RAIN COA"! A RKGl'L.Ul .00 .VI'UKPKUOF - S""mackijtosii fok $2.75. c0nr ajn Mnnpv Cut this ad. out s4j&" sena n.o B.oney. aud 6end t0 us ,- 7 ■ f i sMite yuur height and welght, state , u,.mher of inríies uround body at ík , brenst taken over vest under coa f' '1 t clce up under arma, and we will rZ - senil you tlüs coat bj express, C. O. Z 'D-, suliject íoejamlnntioD; examine f Xnr.d try it on at your nearest exfr- press office ond JÏ found exactly f as represented aiul tlie ínobt wonV -1 dr . ;ul vahie vou eer saw orheard I and equaltoany coat you can buy for8S.00,payU!eiprssageiit ourspccial i uiTít itricc, ?2. 3, anü expresa charles. TH!S MACKINÏOSH Ís latest 1899 sfv le, ma.le fi-om licavj waisrproof, ! lancolör, gei.uineDavisCovertCleth; extra 1 lonff doublé breasted, Sager velvet 3 collar, roney plaid linínff, waterproof l v,vr,l. stvapped and ceinented seams, í_ i 1 R,,table forbothralaorovercoat, anc tejn M " ,.u0 ranteed preair st ltie ever offered E9 JBi ' br us or ay other house. For í reo gpiüSF -;lot"-í"""['1'"í1MBn'stj"í?hsuS1t9 and Overcoats atfi Imeó-oó1 to BO.0O, write lar Fim slARSb0ROEBÜck & CO., CHICACO, U.U Enoch Dieterle, Funeral Director. No. 116 E. Liberty St. Reaidence. 533 S. 4th &ve. Pb.onel29. ANN ARBOR, MICH p?Sg,98BUYSA$3.50SUIT lA BKAT AND KMiE, RKVL'LAK 8.5O BOYS' TWOXfc. PIKCE KSEK PAT8 SIIT8 AT SI. 08. y% RA NEW SUIT FREE FOR ANV OF THESE SUITS t UT J WHiCH DOM'T GIVE SATISFACTORY WEAR. fl3lQS T SEND NO MONEY, cuttliiuad. outand W"Ti J e'1 to ua' sHt ag ' wy and say whether jQlc o Q large or small foraye and we will send you the suit by express, C. O. D. subject to exT' ■■■■ T=ainination. Tou can examine Itatyour W express office and if found perfectly satis f factory and eqnal to Biiíts sold In your towii for I n ƒ $8.6Vpayyourexpressagent onr fSpeoinl II Ofl'er Prlte ♦1.Ö8, and expretíS charges. W W THESE KHEE PAHT SUITS are for boys ato H W: 15 vears oí age aod are retallecí eerywhere at ■ ■8.50. Made with DOUBLÉ SKAT and KNKE8, SV lalest 1900 style as illustraicd, made from a Lj[iS special heavy welght, wearreisling, atl-wool Stantoo Cassimere. neat, handsoine pattern, line Italian líriing, genaíoe (ïrajdou lof rlinlug. patjiling, etajïng and reloforclng, slik and Ilnen sewing, flnetallor-made tbroughout.ault a.iy boy or parent wouldbe proudol'. FOK FRKK CLOTH SAMPLES of Hors' (lol li ne for boys 4 to 19 Y KA KS, wrlte for Sample Honk No. '.)bV, contains fashion plates, tape raeasureand fullinstructionshowto order. Men'H Sultft made to order i rom #5.00 up. Samples sent free on application. Address, SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. (Inc.), Chicago, III. (Sears, Boebuek & Co. 'are thorouglilj rtlUble.-Kdilor.) DR. H. K. LUM, Physician and Surgeon. Office: 106 N. Fourth Ave., Ann Arbor, Jlich. County calis promptly attended to. Hours, 8 to 9 a. m.; 1 to i p. m. and 7 to 8:30 p. m. New State Phone- House, 26o: oflice '.6 as $ss SEND MfíNEY llj -ui xv-á5""? l1 TIIIS AD '■' T aild C C f-ifriï'ycrisfjéfS senü to uh, statu your ■ tÉ-S& wipht and ..hl also LiO 5g number inehe around f 1 H íík body at buftt and neck, "," jgBk. %'Bm BrauHful I'lush 'ib to IV gBBWVSy yu '' express, r. ' ?M HH . ' BU'ÜCI to exf Ijffff SiL nnilnaliun. You can rmF aB S5kW examine hu il try it Pr fjBg. OI) aC your nearest ■iHBJRi express office and SS Kft 'ound perlectly '- '"■ BEafaiWfc satisfac tor y, ex ícl ; "--'tPí actly ib r i rcM-nti'd ■ByPH and the MOST WQHDERFUL mm WÈBvËÉBBmf&fë saw or heurtl BH Of, pf tl MlOSWBBHHtiP and oiprcHD flHBEiF1 JKJ charpeM xpress c - '"TEsl cliarirH wilt averag &0 lo 70 W centh for 1,000 mllm. Thïc Piroiilap Dlnch Pono Ib very latóst hlyle Tor Fa!. intSLircular piusn tape „.„..r.n.adeoniiieKt Salt's 8eal Plunh, 20 inclieK lonpï, CUt full sweep, Uned throughout with 31rccrfsed Sllu in blarlt, blncorrcl. Vcry elaborately embroidored with sontache brald and black beading asillustrnted. Trlmmed all around with extra fine Black Tbibft Var, heavily jnterlmed with wadding a.nd fiber chamois Wrlte for Trev Clonk CntnloRin. Address, SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., CHICACO i.oeur. Uacliuck & Co. aro Uoroughl; rellab!..-Eilltor.)