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Shooting Out Of Season

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Some days ago, it will be remenibered, the Argus called attention to the alleged faet that certain persous aboiit the surrotmdiiig country were shootiug birds before the law had run out on them and it warned all such of the provisions of the law relative to the matter. It appears, however, that the shooting'of birds has contiuued. Some days ago Aid . Davis, of this city, who is a deputy game warden, was notified of certain parties who were violating fthe law right along. Sunday he laid for them, followmg them f rom 9 o'clock in the morning until 4 o'clock in the afternoou.The parties he was after, it seems, were William Gordon,rof Saliue, and Win. Moody.of Mooreville. Mr. Gordon is a well % known sportsman. Davis claims that he showed'himself to these men along about 4 o'clock after he had seen Gordon shoot a quail. He had crawled on his stomach through the underbrush until ghe got in'sight of Gordon. After seeing Gordou shoot twice aud seeing a quail f all, Davis went to Gordon, who acknowledged he was caught all right and that he thought he i had killed the quail at whieh he fired. His dog was not permitted to go bring it, however. It should be stated right here that Warden Davis had another man with him, a substantial citizen of Saline. Leaving Gordon, Davis and the other man with him went over the Mil a short distauce bevond and there found Moody, and on searching him a woodcock was found in his huiiting coat pocket. Neither party was placed under arrest at the Ü ne, as they are responsible citizens aid will be on hand at cali. It is nnrlerstood that Warden Davis had an appoiutment with Mr. Gordon at 1 o'clock at Saline Tuesday. It is expected the matter will be settled. It is understood that the informatiou carne to Davis that certain parties were killing birds out of season through the state game warden. There are others who have been reported as violating the game law, and the deputy warden thinks he was on the "rack of some of these yesterday, but ie did not get the incontrovertable evideuce. But they will have to be exceedingly careful Lor they will also je pulled. The game law is reasonable and just and should be obeyed, and is obeyed ry all genuine sportsmen. It is altoether proper that J those who do not íesitate to take chances for the purDose of gettingthe best shooting. beore those who observe the law have a ihance, should feel the heavy hand of he law, and Warden Davis is to be ongratulated on his catch.