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A MOST WONDERFUL CURE Eminent Physicians Pronounced it Con sumption. Dr. C, D. Warner, Coldwattr, Mir-h Dear 8r; - I have recri ved ki'ph! benefit from yonr Wliite Wine of TaiSyrup. I had a congli and the doctors gave. up all hoppsofmv reoo-'erv iuiti prninivnneed t consumpHon; I thimahí that itjwas death for ne. I trier yerything that we eoulü In-ar of Pinally oneof niy frietids prcvailpd upon une to use your White Wine nl Tar Syrup. I took H boules and iu eured eut.irelv Sueli medicine I -it reeonimend to those whoare afflicied ks I was. Very Resp'y Vonrs JOS EP 1 F K.UNDERniLL, Dollll'l . Soul f SEND ONE DOLLAR ,& .--OS. "d "end lo na, state your helght, weijjht, f VNx number inches around body at bronst, f s taken over vest, under coat, close up ff i under arins, number inches around P W bdy at waist and hipe and length of I U li leg iusi-ïe pants eeam from tig ín In l t-P i VA erotch toheel, state whether you wish V-77 r 1 Sfcftsack or frock coat and color wanted. a nd JH' A "we will send you by expresa, c. O. D., A BCBJKCX TO EXAM1NATI0N, a tailor made ukLS f 1 so'f t yonr exact mensure. You cn examine SPj F and tivy it on at your expresa office, and II m ?ou n( t'ie l)est' maie' niost stylish Mi tl suityou ever liad,equaltoanything-your ff j ƒ I tailor would make you for $25.00 and the S I il 11 1 most wonderfulvalue you everheard of, II Pr tbeexpreis neeut ONE HALF 01 R KK0S 11 (II lJAR PRH'K or 7.ÓO and expres charges ƒ._ less the S1.00 sent vittx order. K V V AT 1R 00 wecataod mnke these iolts to fT 4Ki- "' l)u''w me&aure in cotnpeUtlon wlth Biilfd tailor g:et Í25.00 for. They areull fine rastom tüllor made-to-úiea-9urEf but over 1,000 sults dafly measure errors creep In and some niieflt suite aceumulate, and to keep our stook clean we shall close them out at om; half PKICK and less than cost of cloth alone, a big loss to ds. These suits were made to measure at $15.00 to $18.00 from fine Foreign and Domestic all wool cassiuieres, worsteds, meltons and cheviot cloths, in light, medium and darle shades, also plain effects, made in very latest Btyle.wJtb tine linings and trimmings, coats satin piped, faiK'y arm and linen sevring.beBt oreverrtliiog. We will select the exact kind and style of snit you want. reeut and reflt 1Í toyourexact mcasore and, when yon get it. if you do not say it Is toe very purpose Oxfietly the same as if originally made to your measure by us at É15. 00 to 918.00, or by your own tailor at $25.00 to S'ió.OO, return It at our expense. Order totlay. Don't Delay. Write fór free Cloth Samples of men's taüorinp. .iin.s, Sears, Roebuck & Co., Chicago (Sears, Boebuck A Co. are tborougUly rcllable.- Kültor.1 "f títt if"i ti 1 tfVT?HiViïl 2 WAM'KO, and we will send ■9SH ÊïSiipT 1 2ÍA you by freïght, FKKIUHT Imjt '■ PAID, C. O.D., subject to B '. 3 cD examination, thls kandsome IQ jWSJ?Jlj3?WB! 9 -H(O Knvpvl Clui' Marbio UrftTP ■ fl OM stonet puiirfintecin safe fSNfcgtlTffQSHnfl Z Kxamlno ït at BnQHHH y frcitrht jopo:, and if HBBB ■ ■ l'ouilfl iierfrrtl )iliifaf(orj, JSJMBjJBBMBSBM cvacllv as rvprotiPDtrd, yMBBsSBB aml píjua! to stonps that ■ retal) nt $0.00 ta H ' fk!ftl.j[n!lllllllliiM $SO.0O, par tlif frlghl 6 flircnt Our Pjiedal m tB&mUi 4lfcr Prlcc, S9.9S, HHBBHBIhB itïss theíi.00 sent 1 i ' ïywith order. W .-MoffWBBHiWH ,IÏFp ? Kook; Uloantnins. TH1S HAMDS0MEQWVEST0MEi8TnadE,cut, traced,lettertídancl polished in vt-ry Utest style, f rom ílnest Royal Btue Close Gralo Ularhle, (s nou-drslructibl?, and has a rlph, híiíhly polïsiiid. unTadiiiir color. Qravcstone Is '20 Inches hlgfh, 16Eichfswldcatbas4. IV rito forpHees on ot horst ]os and Hize Address, SEARS. ROEBUCK & CO., CHICAGO, Children Cryfo Pitcher's Castoria