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"HEART TO HEART TALKS." There kt many il ihis L girl, a piano lias been lier 3 dream b inght .■nul day and L k it's a uisioii quita eis,y lo íxulT t ize. Out' recent pnrohase of 3 T 125 pian s makPS it possible lo L k otfer v:iriety in stii' aud price F L tosuil iny purchascr. [f yon j& T are. in doubt hs to details reL ganiiiig .your payments, come L in i;ul let us explain how easy jr T it i.s. Yon can rent a piano a k if yon desire and apply T L all rent money on the parchase L L price. ANN ARBOR MUSIC CO., 205-7 E. Washington. L The Racket, 202 E. WASHINGTON. Has a few emphatic words to say about underwear. Our Alaska Heavy Gray, Kibbed Fleeced Wear we sell at 90c per suit. Our Heavy FJeeced, Derby Eibbed, with Silk Facings, only 96c per suit. These are good goods and we will give you a suit free if we are not underselling all others. For ladies we have "THE ONEITA." Elastic Ribbed Union Suits. They are perfect] y Elastic fitting like a glove, no buttons down the front conveni ent to put on, being entere d at the top and drawn on like tronsers. With no other kind of underwear can ladies obtain such a perfect fit fcy dresses or wear comfortably so small a corset. Just 50c per snit. Ladies' Jersey Ribbed Fleeced Underwear, 25c per garment. We expect to be able to invite yon to try onr new Washington street pavement before cold weather but alas, it will not be finished before cncumber time next year. Air Tight Wood Heating ÍStoves only $3.64. - The Racket 202 WASHINGTON STREET. 8 interine,. J?av you had any trouble lately gettïng good butter? TRY Braun & Fitts' Creamery Buttere, jc lb. Moxley's "Daisy" Brand at 16c. Sweetest and cleanest goods made. s-jperior to ordinary butter. STAEBLER & CO., JO! S. MAIN ST„ CORNER LIBERTY. tf the Baby Is Cutting Teeth ïieeur and use that old and well tried rem -iiyMrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup, for chil.trenlBething. It soothes the child, softens .legums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, andls the l)est reinedy for diarrhcea. TwentyiEv eentsa bottle.