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A Snake In Her Stomach

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Euoch Sears, 415] S. Main st., has received a letter froia his son who is a recent, gradúate of the medical department and who is now practicing in Kalamazoo, in which he describes a most horrible case thatcaineunder his care. "S'.-J- " ZSH&gsa Mrs. Albert'Fisher, off Kalamazoo, was relieved of a water snake two feet four inches long that she had been carrying in her stomacli for more than a year and a half. Friday she took a drug that rendered her unwelcome tenant very uneasy, and at 2 o'clock she feit the horrible creature crawling up the , aesophagus into her mouth. Seizing it by the head, she pulled it partly out' nntil the large part of the snake caught in the larynx and nearly choked her. Making a frantic effort, she grasped the snake firmly and jerked it out. She immediately feil in a faint and remained nnconscious for hours. The reptile, totally devoid of the sense of light, and having never learned to crawl, merely woimd itself into coils on the floor, only to uiiwind itself in an aimless sort of way. It was fmally kllied and put into a bot;le of alcohol, and will not be disposed of at any price. Mrs. Fisher suffered terribly from 'right and exhaustion and after her stomacli was relieved of its horrible viper, she suffered terrible pains. Mrs. Fisher's case is a peculiar one. About a year and a half ago she was :raveling across the western plains with an emigrant party and on a hot day, when the party had gone a long time without water, they stopped by a small pool and Mrs. Fisher knelt down to drink. She was so thirsty that she did not stop to take a cup, Dut put her mouth down to the water and drank. She feit something enter ïer mouth and crawl down into her stomach. At first she believed it to ae a worm, but later thought it must ïave been a small snake. She went on with the party, and when she carne to a town informed a doctor of her condition.who tried to destroy the serpent with mild poisons. He did not succeed, however. The snake grew rapidly and caused Mrs. Fisher much pain at times by his movements, and she says she could even feel him bite the walls of her stomach. Finally she went to Kalamazoo and tías been under the care of Dr. Sears for the past two months. On his advice she ate very little and took drugs shat experiments had proven were destructive to snakes.