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Notice Of Letting Of Drain Contract

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Notice Is Hereby Clven, That I, D. W. Barry, County Drain Commissioner of the 3ounty of Wasbienaw aud State of Michigan, will, on the 17th day oí Oetober, A.D. 1899, at ,he lower end of drain in the township of Superior, in said County of Washtenaw, at 10 'elock in the forenoon of that day, proceed to receive bids for the construction of a certain Drain known and designated as "the Clark Lake Drain,'' loeated and established in the Foivnship of Superior, in said County of Wasbtenaw, and described as follows, to-wit: Commeneing in the w % of the n e Hot Section 12 1 2 s r 7 o, 4.40 chains north and 1.90 ;hains west of the n w corner of the south 23 acres of the east. '4 of the n e JL of ;said section, ind running thence as follows, to-wit: North 89 deg. w 18.22 cbains, thence 8 70 deg, w 1.28 ;hains, 8 M deg, w 3.19 chains, n 58 degr, w 90 chains, n 24 deg, w 3.66 chains, n 16 deg, e 1, n 2(5 leg w 1.25 chains, n 88 deg, w 5.75 chains, s 87 deg, w 2.50 chains, s 79 deg, w 8.92, s 62 deg, w 3.50 chains, s 69 deg, w 2.50 chains, s 60 deg, w 6 chains, s 60 deg, w 2.75 chains, s 70 deg, w 3.60 sbains, w 2.65, and there terminating, 9.9ü chains north and 2.65 chains west of the '4 postbetween Section 12 and 11. The above deseribed route is the center line of said drain. said drain to be 2 ft wide on the bottom and IV ft slope on each side to each ft in depth, exxepting 40 rods between Sections 10 and 15, where drain is to be tiled with 12-inch tile; average dopth of drain, 5 29-100 feet ; 28 f eet is taken on each side of the center line of drain to deposit excavations. Said job will be let by sections The section at the outlet of the said drain will be let tirst, and the remaiaing secitons in their order up stream, in accordauce with the diagram now on file with the other papers pertaining to said drain, in the office of the County Drain Cominissioner of the said County of Washteuaw, to which reference uiay be had by all parties interested, and bids will be made and rcceived aecordiugly. Contracta will be made with the lowest responsible bidder giving adequate security tor the performance of the work, iu a sum then and there to be fixed by me, reservlng to mysol f' the right to reject any and all bids. The date for the completion of such contract, and the ternas of payment thereCor hall and will be announced at the time and place of letting. Notice Is Further Hereby Given, That at the time and place of said letting, or at such other time and place thereaf ter to which I. the County Dra in Commissiouer aforesakl. may adjourn the same, the assessnients for henetits and the lands comprised witbin the "Clark Lake Drain Special Assessment District," and the apportiouments thereof will be awarded by me and will be subject to review for one day, from nine o'clock in the forenoon uutil five o'clock in the afternoon. The followiiiür is a descriptiou of the several tracts or paresis of laud constiluting the Special Assessment District of said Drain, viz: The w '4 of s e Seetlon 12, e ü of n w J4 Section 12: w '4 of n w H Section 12; e 14 of n e M, Section 11; n e Ü of s e ü, Section 11; n V% of s w %, Section 12: s w Mof s w '4, Seetion 1; s e of s w S4. Section 1; v '4 of s w % of 8 e H,, Section 1; se 'íof a w 1i, Seetion 1; e y,of w 'i of se '. Socti n I; 11 ':of 11 e VA of s w hSection 1; 17i4 acres n end w '4 s w i Section 1; e 'í oí s e ■{ section I : all in tiie Township of Superior, andalso the Township of Superior at large, will bë llabie to assessment. Now, Therefore, all unknown and non-resident persons, owners and persons interested in the above described lauds, and you Mrs. Keuben Brown, Mi-s. Nettic Gottschalk, t M. Jacksou, KUen Jacksoa, O. B. Depew, W. H. Depew, Mrs. Sarah Kor-hee, E. M. Colé, A. J. Murray, Hiram Murray, J. C. Voorhees, J. L. Babcouk, John Walker. John and Elizabeth Keed, also the Supervisor and Highway Commissioner of the Township of Superior, are hereby notified tüat at the time and place aforesaid,or at such other time and place thereaf ter to which said hearing may be adiourued, I shall proceed to reoeive bids for the construction of said "Clark LakeDraiu," in the marnier hereinbefore stated: and. also, that at such time of letting irom uine o'clock in the foi'enoou uutil flve o'elock in the afteruoon, the assessment for benefits and the lands comprised witlnn the Clark Lake drain special assessment dittricts will be subject to review. And You and Each of You, owners and persons intcic-sted in the aforesaid lands, are hereby cited to aupear at the time and place of such lening asaforesaid.ard be heard witb respect to such spef-ial asse-sments and your interes! s in rein', Ion Uiereto. i f jou so desire. !ï. V. HA iii{' . Gounty Drain Commissioncr of tiiv Cau-uty of Vashtenaw. Dated this 27th dny of September, A. D. 1S99. NOTIOE. The letting of the Clark Lake Drain on Section 12 in the Towiiship of Superior was adjourned for want of bidders until Tuesday, October 24, 1899. All ditchers are invited to attend sale. D. W. BARRY. Drain Commissioner.