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Estáte of Antonio Schiappacasse. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY OP Washtenaw, ss. At a secsion of the Pro bate Court for the Coimty of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office in the City of Arni Arbor, on Saturday, the 7th day of October, in the year one thousand ek'ht hundred and ninety-nine. Present, H. Wirt Newkirk, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the eslate of Antonio Schiappacasse, deceased. On reading and tiliag the petition, duly veritled, of Teresa Se Mappacasse.pray ing that a oertain instrument now on lile in this eourt, purportiug to be the lust, will and testamento! said deeeaaed maybe admitted to probate and that administraron of said estáte may be granted to Wm. H. Mclntyre, the execu tors in said will namcd having refused to art or to some otbcr sullablc person. Thereupon it is ordered that Tuesday, the Tthday of Novomber ne.vt, at ten o'clock infethe foren oon. be as-signed for the hearing of said petition and that the devisets, leg-atees, and heiis at luw of said deceased, and all olher persons interesad in said estáte, are requliedtoappear at a session of said Court, theu to be holdeu at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, and show cause if any there be. why the prayr of the petitionersbould not be granted: And it is f iirther ordered thetsaid petitionergive notice to the persous iuterested in said estáte, of the peudcncy of said petition, and the hearing; thereof, by causiog a copy of this order to be published in the Ann Arbor Arjrus-Deniocrat, a newspaper priuted aud circulated in said County, three successive weeks previous tosaid day of hearing. H. W1KTNEWKIKK, Jude of Probate. [A true copy.l P. J. Lehman Probate Register. Notice to Creditors. CTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY OF v_ Washtenaw, ss. Notice is hereby given that by an order of the Probate Court for thé county ot Washtenaw, made on the 18th dav of September A. D. 1899, six months from that diite were allowed for creditors to present their claims the estáte of Thomas lYonner, late ot said county, deceased, and that all creditors of said deceased are rermired to present their claims tosaid Probate Court, at the Probate Office in the city of Ann Arbor.for rLaminatlOD and allowanoe, on or before the n i?aLOt )!!!rc(h' nnd that sueh claims wiübeheardheforo sa d Court, on the 18th uay ? "■ember. and on the 19th day of March, ,1900, next, at ten o'cloclc lu the foreaoonof cachof said days. Dated, Ann Arbor, September 18, A. D 1899 H. WIRT NEWKIHK, " Judge of Probate. William Z. Burton vs. Eliza Button STr?p?n?tF TMICIGAN' 22"d JUDICIAL th -1" Chancery. Sult pending in the County of Washtenaw in chaneery at the A . .1899nn ' n thC "th day otSst! BKendiSt?' com')lín!lnt. vs. Eüza In thia cause it appearin? by affldavit on rltiAhai} 5efe.ndant. Eliza Wton, is , ot a Ï?Cp f nh-íJ?iSlatei but resides t Cantón state oí Ohio, tlierefore, on motion of Cavanaugrb and Wedemeyer solicito f or com Diamant, it is ordered that defendant entór her appearance in said cause ou or befor f,L V"1 wenty dy the complainant w,„ ï s ríler to be PuWished in the Ann Arbor Arffus-Democrat, said publication to nTsTcèsston01100"1 CaC" w for sik w?eks E. D. KINNH, (Atruecopy.) Circuit Judge. Philip Blum, Jr., üeputy Hegister. Cavanaugh & Wedemeyer Examined and eúSern00111'"114PniMP, Jr., öcputy Uogister. SherifFs Sale. gY VIRTÜE OF A WEIT OF FIERI FA takeallthe rlfrht, title and interest of sak yiysses T. Foster, ín and to the following described real estáte, situatea in the TownsMn oJAnn Arbor County of Washtenaw State low"10 aD' " aui described as fol Theeast half of the southeast nuart nt seotion 23, also the north hali f sotthweat quarter of section 24, also norih half of east half of northeast quarter of section 26 allo northwest quarter of east half of Southwest quarter of seetion 24, all in Town 2 South sfef6 g ArbOr' Wash.enaw CoS A n ihqJ } P?,11?15,0 the mb day of October 4. D. 1899, at 12 o'clock noon (local time) Datea, August 28 1899. JHN GHr. : _ Notice to Creditors. ; STwT.0F MICHIGAN, C0CNT7 OF H? Washtenaw, 8S. Notice is hereby iven Countv ï$ wrdehrtf the Probate Court fr thé n? n .y h wJsllíeiiflw, made on the 2nd day of October, A. D. 1899, six months f rom that date were allowed lor creditors to present f nwn. ai,mf aSaÍnst ?he estate of Jolianna Uowns, late of said Countv depe-mprt and that all creditors of said dëceased Pare tt d to present their claims to said Probate Court, at the Probate ofBcn in thecity of Ann beforetheSnd day of April next, and that sueh claims wil be heard bef ore f aid Court. on thenddarof.lanuary, 1900, and on the 2nd day of April 19U0, next, at ten o'clock in the foren oon of each of said days. Uated, Ann Aruor, O'tobornd A D 1809 H. WIET NEWÈlRKi ' ' Tudge of Probate Notice to Creditors. QTATE OV MICHTGAN TOUNTY OF - Washtenaw, ss. Notice is hereby given. tbat by an order of the Probate Court for the county oi Washienaw, made on the 18tli day of September, A. D. 1899, six montbs f rom that date were allowed for .creditors to present their claims against the os;ate of Anu 1 wen, late of said county, dcccased, and that all creditors of eaid deceaseM are rcquired to tLtSpntweirrm?im-s t0 said ProHte ourt, at the Probate Oflice in the city of Ann Arbor thífaimí1DatlOf1n'1 aHowanco, on or beforè theioth .fiayof Vlarch, next, and that such claims WU1 be heard before said Court. nn the Mo dy December, and on the 19th day of March, 1900, next, at ten o'clock in the foreDOon of each of sak! days. Dated, Ann Arbor, September 18. A. D I89n H. WIKT NEWIURK, Judge of Probate. LADIES HUNTING A beautiful and useful light summer wrap, wil] find THE AUGUSTA-VICTORIA EMPRESS SHOULDER SHAWL stylish and comfortable. They are entirely hand woven ( about 41) inchrs square, wlth b-inchiriDs-e) at rimhleliem by expert Saxon weavers. 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