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Just Like Mother Used To Do

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The abolition of bazing of freshmen is not absolute in its strictest sense, altbough the first year men are not subjected to the iiidis,tit es of the old medical school pump, as they were a quarter of a eentury ago. The only relie of the custom of hazing is to be found in the fraternity homes. "One of our freshmen " is a common expression among the upper class secret society men. The freshmen in fraternity houses are snpposed to see that the evening's mail for everybody in the house is brought up promptly. The other eveniag a senior inquired if this duty had been atteiided to. It was found that it had been neglected, and, without saying a word and looking as stern as judges of the United States court handing down an opinión, the upper classmen took the guilty freshmaninhand and removed all hisclothing. Each one then took him in turn and, putting him across the knee, procoeded to give him a severe spanking, "just like mother used to do." The subject of this punishment was then hustled into a bath tub and given a good rubbing down. Not a smile was seen on the countenanceof a single one of the tormentors. It was 51 solemn dnty. The freshman was then driad off with towels, taken to his room, placed in bed and caref ully covered up. As the upper classmen left the room, they imply said, "Good night," in a dignified marmer. That freshman will not Í forget his duty again.