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Hasn't Had One Of Her "Sleeps" Yet

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The case of Mary Clenensmith, the Coldwater girl who sleeps for three or four days at a time, is a most interesting one and the physicians at the hospital are anxiously awaiting a return of one of these sleeps in order to study the characteristics more thoroughly. . Dr. Herdman says that her trouble is undoubtedly due to some nervous disorder. "All we know about her case is what she herself says," he remarked to the Argus. "She told me that during her long sleep of SO days, she could be roused and would be conscious for a moment as to what wa going on about her, but she would immediatly drop back into sleep again I should say that it was a cataleptie state, and she may be here three rnonths before she eau be called curec of her trouíbe. I am simplj7 treating her with tonics to restore the norma coiidition of the nerves. "Did I ever have an exactly similu case ? No, none of these cases are ex actly alike. Last year I had a case o a young man, apparently strong, who would drop into a sleep jïist as soon a he sat down, and the only way h could keep awake was to walk arouuc or do some manual labor. ïhe year be fore, a young lady came to me. He case was very peculiar. If she happened into a warm room she would fall asleep and then somnambulisti traits would erop out. Both of thes cases were permanently cured. I thin we will be able to help Miss Clemensmith."