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Found In The River

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Thursday about 10 :30 o'clock ue body of a man was discovered in he race down at the Ypsilanti water vorks, lodged against the gate where ; was prevented from being carricd 'urther by the current. It was discovred by AJbert Thayer, the engineer, t the power house. News of the fiud vas telephoned vip town, and Contable Ross, Uudertaker McElpheran nd a nuniber of others immediately epaired to the scène. The body was ulied out of the water and laid upon lie floor inside the building. The reïains were evideutly those of a laborr and a man 50 years of age. He wore ïeavy, coarse shoes, brown overalls, a heckered shirt and a coat and vest iadly worn. He wore a closely crop)ed, sandy beard and had a slight bald pot at the crown of his head. He vas probably about five feetsix n height and probably weighed about 40 pounds. A young man by the name of C. P. Spencer thought he recognized him as ne Michael Hayes, with whom he vorked on the Saline electric road vhen it as being built. Spencer lookd the body over carefully and examned the clothing and hat and was con .dent it was the man he had known as Hayes. Hayes drove a team for M. . Griffiu, Ihe con tractor of Detroit, and was, ac co 'ding to Spencer, a hard Irinker. The pockets were searehed for eviLenee as to his identity. Two envelopes, one containing a letter, were 'ound. They were both directed to ïenry Cook Manchester, Mich. They ïad been forwarded from there to Garss aLke, and from Grass Lake to Vnn Arbor. One was mailed from Vloodus, Conn., and the other from Gem, Idaho. The one from Idalio contained a letter written on Sept. 9. It was received at Manchester on the 11 th of October, forwarded to Grass, Lake and then to Aim Arbor, x'ing received at Ann Arbor on Oct. 19. The letter was signed by J. J. Cook, who addressed Henry Cook as 'Dear Father. " The letter contained ni ínqmry about Hayes, Cavanaugh and Daley,who are said to be contracors. There was nothiug else fouud' on the body by which it could be iden;iñed. There was no moiiey npon the reniains. It is thonght that he niay íáve fallen into the riverwhile intoxicated. An iuquest will be held this afternoon and in the nieaiitimo some;hing more defiuifce may be learned as ;o the man's identity. It is thonght ie had uot been in t!ie water more ihan 24 honrs. Later. - It has been discoveredjtljat ihe man found in the river was Ilenry Cook, an inmate-of the eounty house, vvho escaped yesterday.