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ÍDEK.&K.É Q The Leading Specialists of America f! 3 20 Years In Detroit. ffl m 250,000 Cured. M ■ WECURESTRiCTÜREl Pl Thousands of young nnd middle-aged M SJJ men are troubled with this disease- many J f '■ unconsciouply. Thoy may have a Rt [n ing sensation, sraall, twisting stream, f1 ■■I sharp cntting painsat times, slight Ml I r4 charge, difïiculty in commencing, weak YrA U organs, emissions, and all the 6ymptoms IÉ.1 ■ of nervous debility- they have ■ ■ 1URE. Don't let doctors experimenton I H you, by cutting, Btretching, or tearing wÊk lt% you. 1 nis will not cure you, as it will 14 L turn. Our NEW METHOD U ITI MENT absorba the stricture tissue; lj LJ henee removesthestricturepermanently. lJ ■J It can never return. No pain, no RH IjJ ing, no detention from business by our Ivi ■■ method. h I ened. t The nerves are invigorated, and I H the bliss of manhood returns. E3WECUREGLELT[ i'A Thousands of young and ruiddle-aged iTl liti men are having their sexual vigor and u Yfi vitality continually sapped by this Hj ease. They are frequently unconscious I Jk ■ of tho cause of the?e syinptoms. General ■■■ I Weakness, Uunatural Discharges, I ■ ing Manhood, Nervousness, Poor I ré ory, Irritat.ility, at times Smarting frj U sation, Sunken Eyes, with dark circles, UJ T!% Weak Back, General Depreasion, Lack W [J of Ambition, Varicocele, Shrunken fT ■H Parts, etc. ULEET and STRICTURE MM ry máy be the cause. Don't consult family rA UL doctors, as they have no experience in UJ Kj iiese 8pecial diseases - don't allow ■ ij (uacks to experiment on you. Consult I WJ Specialists, woahave'jnade lif e study of HH lt Diseasesof MenandWom'en. (JurNEW M UU METHOD TREATMENT will LU -M tively cure you. One thousand dollars W-M [J for a case we accept for treatment and I!t mi cannotture. Terms moderate for a cure. ■■ (CURES GÜARANTEEDB ■ We treat and cure: EMISSIONS. I rl VARICOCELE, SYPHILIS, LEET, H LM STRICTURE. IMPOTEKCY, SECRET T fl DRAINS. UNNATURAL Utf M ES, KIDNEY and BLADDER Diseases. Fl Mk CONSULTATION FREE. BOOKS Lj PI FREE. If unable to cali, writo for H DXX. WKennedysKerganr U Gor. Michigan Ave. and Shelby St. H CLPTROIT, MICH. W ÍHAIR SWITCH FREE ON EASY CONDITSON5. Cut this ad. out and mail to na. Send a small sample of you r hair.cut close t the roots. SEXD .NO ISONKY; we will nsake and send you by mail, po-tjaid.a FINE HUMA H HAIR SWITCH, au exact match, made SL inehee long fiom selected human h-nr, ZlA ounces, short stem. We will inclose in packagewith switch sufficientpostage to return it to US línot perfeell; satisfnt-iory, butïf found exactly as representedand roost extraordinary value and you wish to keep it. ellher s?nA ut $1 .50 bv raail wit hio lOdaysurTAKE OKUEUS FOR S SWITCHES AT $1.50 KAOI amonj? your friends and si'nd to us without any motu-T, we to send the 3 switches to them direct by mail, to be paid for 10 days after received if perf ectly satisfactory.and joa ean the have the swlfcb we Kend yrn: free furyoor trouble. Wegive Pianos, Oían-., Sewlng Knehloes Dishes, Furailure, ntchee, BJeyeles, , Cameras and other premium frr fakln orders for Onr Switches. O ie ladje n.oi a Piano inlififen days, onea SewingKac' ïuiin 2 daj. Order a Switch at once or writeto-dny for FREE PREMUM OFFER. Addre&s, Ladies' Hair Emporium, Chicago. C. H. St. CLAIR, SECOND HAND EOODS. Gooiis of all deseriptions bought and sold. Furniture and Stoves Rep.ürBu 309-311 N. POURTH ST.