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"it Is Simply Ridiculous"

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                                Ranes, the Law Student Talks of His Case.


                                              WAS NO INTIMIDATION


                                        He Says He Helped Mrs. Fields
                                             To a Very Favorable Will.


Alonzo Ranes, the law student against whom such a sensational suit has been started in the circuit court by Mrs. Mary Ann Fields, of Howell, was seen by the Argus in regard to his side of the story, and he told it very clearly.

He does not appear to be a man who would be guilty of so criminal a thing as Mrs. Fields sets up in her bill of complaint.  Says he : 

'It is simply ridiculous. I was rooming here at Miss Prescott's house during her last sickness. I knew that she fairly hated Mrs. Fields and had cut her off in her will so that she would not get a cent. Mrs. Fields came on here to care for Miss Prescott, and I did I what could to smooth over the family disagreement. Finally Miss Prescott consented to have another will drawn up. and Mr. Burgess, a law student, prepared the document. Now, you couldn't get Burgess to do anything wrong any more than - why, the best person on earth. Now, the fact is that Miss Prescott was so weak and was in such a condition when she executed the will that I had to hold her hand and pen up when she made the mark. After her death, Mrs. Fields came to me in all gratitude, and said she would not have got a cent but for me.
Then she made a proposition. All she wanted, she said, was $1,000 clear out of the property. She told me if I could get it for her she would give me $100. I tried and failed.
Then I figured up the debts and found that if she paid all claims against the estate, by giving her $3,260, she would just clear $1,000. She gave me a land contract for it at that amount."

Was there a former will leaving all to a church?" he was asked.

"Well, I won't say anything about that until the time comes.
Mrs. Fields is a very suspicious woman and has been led into this by others, I presume. At least, she never made any demands on me.
Any story of fraud or intimidation is simply false. Her whole bill is ridiculous. "