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Looting Soldiers In Manila

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Jacob Trautwein has received a letter from his son, John J. Trautwein, Co. D, 16th U. S. Infantry, dated at Manila, Sept. 2. He says in the letter :
"I am well and strong. We are having a good time. By the talk over here, they say the war is about over, but you cannot -depend upon what you hear, as they report so many lies. We are guarding the railroad and are stationed at a town called Meyeauayan.
We have good quarters, and have a good supply to eat. Sometimes our supply of provisions run short and we have to eat what we can get.
We had three men in our company who stole out with their guns and went through the town about 12 o'clock at night and robbed the people. One fellow was shot and killed, and the other two are in the guard-house awaiting trial.
I suppose they will get about 10 years in a military prison. They managed to get about $250, but they returned it to our captain, who returned it to the people from whom it was taken.
The weather here is pretty warm. About all you do is to sweat all the time, but I never felt better in all my life than I do over here. We have received 12 new men.
It is fun to watch them drill. They use their guns as if they were trying to pitch hay with a pitchfork, but they will make good soldiers. Tell my friends in Dexter and Ann Arbor that I sent my best regards to all of them. "