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Does Your Room Need Repapering ?

We have just a o lotreceivedf Inexpensive

                      WALL PAPER

in all the new and latest Colorings and Patterns.

Remember Some of These Prices.

Best White Blanks 4c per roll.
Best Glimmers, 5c, 6c, 7c, per roll.
Embossed Papers, 12c. 15c per roll.
Imitation of Leather, 18c, 20c per roll 
Best Ingrain, 12c per roll.
Window Shades, complete and ready to hrng for 10c each.


                       George   Wahr

310 S. State St. and Down Town, Opposite Court House, Main St., Ann Arbor.






Is bestowed on the musicloving women when she secures a Ludwig piano for her home.
Education has taught the twentieth century woman that the refining influences of music on home and family cannot be overestimated.
Let your boys and girls grow up under the refining influence of a Ludwig piano. and they will show its effects in manhood or womanhood.

                     THE ANN ARBOB MUSIC CO.,
                            205 E. Washington.





                                The Racket
                         202 E. WASHINGTON

Fuller than ever of fall goods and best of all they are going at Racket Prices.

                                  6 Dozen No. 8

                             Enameled Tea Kettles

                                         Like cut at

                                    40 CENTS EACH

We have put in a line of Iron Clad enameled ware, the best
Kitchen ware that can be made,
and while the price is not quite so cheap
as the common grey ware, it is enough better
so that it pays you to buy it.
Remember, every piece is warranted by the manufacturer.
In it we sell the large size, No. 280 stew kettle for 50c.

I X Heavy
Tin, Copper
FOR 95 Cents Each

We positively will not sell IC Tin Boilers at any price.
If anything on earth needs to be good it is a a wash boiler.
Galvanized Wash Boilers, No. 8, 85c.





                         Ladies' Cashmere Fleeced
                                15c, 20c, and 25c
                         Men's GLOVES and MITTENS
                                  from 10 cents up.

Very heavy fleeced Underwear for Men at 90c per suit.

Lots for Ladies, Boys and Children at 25 c

Fancy Lamps starting at 75c. and winding up at $3.These are handsome presents

                                      The Racket,
                              202 E WASHINGTON.







            Caso paid for logs and standing timber.
                           Address W. C. PRATT,
                     709 S. Twelth St , Ann Arbor, Mich.