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He Forgot Cleveland's Name

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When the presidential circus swung around to Jackson last week, ex-Congressman Jim O'Donnell took a grapevine twist on the arm of McKinley, and Jim and Bill marched to the speaker's stand together. This action of prompt Jimmie so discombobbled the mayor that he referred to Mack as "president of the home of the free and the land of the brave," thus transposing the line. The mayor's confusion equaled that of an Ann Arbor man who was presented to ex-President Cleveland when the latter addressed the students of the university. The Ann Arborite got purple in the face, hesitated and stammered, and for the life of him couldn't think of the great hulk's name. Finally, in desperation, he blurted out, as beads of perspiration rose on his brow,  "How do you do--Grover?"--Adrian Press.

The total wealth of the United States will be nearly a hundred billion dollars when the next century begins, and since the country has grown so rich we have become one of the first among nations that seek investment in foreign lands.

American capitalists have invaded the Canadian iron country and organized a company which will control the iron, steel, coal and limestone output of Newfoundland, together with the Cape Breton coalfields and the Sydney limestone quarries.