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The young man was either an optimist or the possessor of a Harveyized steel armor plated nerve. Perhaps he was a little of both.

A short time ago he came to the conclusion that he would like to insure his life. With this object in view he made application to a prominent company. After filling up the necessary form he received an invitation to call upon the medical officer of the company and undergo the usual medical examination. In due course he presented himself at the office of the examining physician.

Requesting the young man to remove his coat and vest, the doctor produced a stethoscope and began his examination. All at once he stopped and regarded the candidate with an expression of alarm.

"Young man,'' he said, "do you think you can bear a shock?"

"Oh, I think so!" was the cheerful response. "Fire away and let me hear the worst."

"You have only one lung!" announced the doctor solemnly.

"Well, what of that?" retorted the candidate, with the utmost composure. "I never told you I had any more, did I?"

"And yet," said the doctor, "you apply to a respectable company for a policy of life insurance. Do you expect to get it?"

"I certainly do--not only that, but I think I ought to get it at a substantial reduction in the premium."

"Upon what ground, may I ask?"

"Upon the ground that, having only one lung, I am 50 per cent less liable to contract consumption than if I had two lungs."--New York Journal.