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The Cheerful Lover

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The Cheerful Lover.

I love the gentle breeze that sways
    The branches overhead;
I love to stroll in woodland ways
    Ere summer days have fled;
I love to sit beside the stream
    That sings down to the sea
And hear the saucy catbird scream
    Anathemas at me.

I love the blue up in the sky,
    The flock upon the hill;
I love the billowy field of rye
    Behind the silent hill;
I love the distant bell that sends
    Its message on the air;
The birds and beasts I hail as friends,
    And all the world is fair.

I love a little maiden who
    Looks at me roguishly;
The books that I have gathered, too,
    Are very dear to me.
I love the earth, the sea, the sky,
    The glad wind from the west;
I love the brooklet singing by,
    But I love to loaf the best.

--Chicago Times-Herald