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Arbuckles' Roasted Coffee

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ARBUCKLES' Roasted Coffee

There must be a good reason why the coffee lovers of America buy millions of Pounds of ARBUCKLES' COFFEE in preference to any other kind. The reason is found in its rich drinking qualities; in its permanent goodness. The quality never changes. Whether you buy it of a big coffee dealer or at a little grocery store around the corner, you get the same coffee, the same goodness, the same value for your money. You can't be a deceived if you buy ARBUCKLES' Roasted Coffee.

It is prepared by an individual firm who value their reputation too highly to endanger it by lowering the standard of their coffee. It is hermetically sealed and put up in packages by people of many years experience and utmost reliability. It is not ground because ground coffee loses two-thirds of its flavor before reaching the consumer. It is not sold in bulk because of the possibilities of adulteration. It is not sold at a high price because it is better to sell millions of pounds of coffee at a small profit than hundreds of pounds at a large profit.

Every package of Arbuckles' Roasted Coffee contains information about many valuable articles that the consumer is entitled to receive.

Ask your grocer for Arbuckles' Roasted Coffee.

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