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1& JSmr gd reason why the coffee pjf. 1 ÉÉMËïÉSi lvers f America buy millions of ïHUr Pounds of ARBUCKLES' COFFEE In Prefer-wHHH 8 ence to any other kind. The reason is found in ffl W its rich drinking qualities ; in its permanent lÊSÈ Wr ness. The quality never changes. Vhether you buy BÜ W rï a g coffee dealer or at a little grocery store gY around the corner, you get the same coffee, the same la ■y ness, the same valué for your money. You can't be a Bfdeceived if you buy n Roasted Coffee I It is prepared by an individual firm who valué their reputation too I I highly to endanger it t?y lowering the standard of their coffee. ■ It is hermetically sealed and put up in packages by people of I II many years experience and utmost reliability. It is not ground ■ JL because ground coffee loses two-thirds of its flavor before m JL ing the consumer. It is not sold in bulk because of the Jj & possibilities of adulteration. It is not sold at a high price A Ok because it is better to sell millions of pounds of coffee at M & a small profit than hundreds of pounds at a large profit. M wk. Every package of Arbuckles' Roasted CofFee conÉá gk tains iuformation about many valnable articles M H Sck at ie consumer s entitled to receive. Mi L Ask your grocer for Arbuckles' Roasted CofFee. Ju ■9l arbückle bmoSm JswJiïffl Sak Jr'--Vlotion Iepartment m-&M 5V y P. New York City, 5 . J