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Got Hill And Shoemacher

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Last Sunday eveuing bicyoles belouging to Herbert C. Smith,of the D, K. E. house, and Mrs. Einma Sheehan, of E. Huron at. , were stolen. The offlcers commeuoed a dilitrent searck and ïnesday night Jack O'Ma-a noticed them in tlie possession of Frank Hill and Frederiok Schnmacher, He placed them nader arrest. Schuniacher, however, objccted to Sheriff Gillen's hospitable quarters and started to ruu. "Doe" Collus happeued to I j be playing center on the other team and when Sclmmacher tried to make a nain through him for a touchdown the ball was lost on downs, üffieer j Oollins tackled him hard and the time j for the game was called, with the ball in the possession of the the poli-"mau several yards from Gillen'a goal ILue. Tliis afternoon they were bronglit , up before Justico Dnft'y. and both ' pleaded not gnilty. ïhey were charged with larceny. The trial will take place next Tuesday.