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The Envious Fair

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Oh, Dewey, Dcwey, Dewey, What is this we hcar of you? We have hailed you as a hero, But, now, hear us, we are throughl We Itavc given Tip our penníes For the lióme she is to share; Tcll us, Dewcy, Dcwey, Dewey, Do you tliink that this is fair? In the ?lorioüs engagement That you won that mom in May Not a man was lost, they teil us, But will this one be that way? Then you grave the orders, Dewey, But another now will stand Fearlcssly up there besitle you On the bridge and take command. There will be n halts for coffee, Save when sht ís so inclinerl; There will be no cable cuttíng Once tbc documcnts aro signed! You had worda to scare the Germán Wben lio trifcd to worry you, But forffct thoin, Dewèy, Dewey; You must tliink up sometliing new. Oh, Dewey, rVewry, Dewey, You have playcd a funny trïck! All you had to do was raerely Look around and take your piek - Younj? and beautiful and wealthy Waitïng for you evcrywhere, And you havên't even scenus! Do you think that this ís fair? Oh, Dewey in Manila bay Ab fearless as you please! Oh. Dewey at the ohancel rail All shaky in the knees! Oh, Dewey. Dewey, Dewey, It may be that you have found The one to make you happy, But you should have looked a round!