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WANTED, FOR SALE, ETC. FARM of 186 acres in Webster at biif barjrsiin Must besold. Oome this.uionth or tjiy iway forever. ARTHUlt BKÜHN. 12-' FOK SA LK- Two farms, between Bridffewater Station and Manohenter Enquire of John Burg, Ann Arbor, or George Burg, S'ailne. "f Pnt 5A1 P Ohoice Barred l'ly3etring, Ono (Jookerel of the Ilawkins Blue Strain, B. P. K. 410 North State Streel, Auu Arbor, Mioh. FOK BALE- Lawn Fertllizer. Best, ever put on market. Leave orders with Louis Rohde. 232 E. Huron st. 20tt' pOUND- Fish rod on river rond, Owner may " have snme by proving property and payinff for this adv. Mre. K. L, Speectaly, Geddfs Avenue. 4B 8 pOUND Ladies whei'l two miles out of city ' Owner by provmjr property ;md payin'fi for this adv., uiay olxiiin siuno from A. J. Blliótt, M. D.,Gp(11op v nue, clly. 46-8 piRE INSUhANCE. CHRISTIAN MACK, 4 K-B ut 'Of the followlnK Fivst. 'Jlnin Oonipsnl reprosenting oyer twenty-ijiht Millïou Dollar Aaseia, issue poliaiee at the loweni raten tna of Hartford Ï9,192,44.00 Pranklin of Thila 8,118,718,00 ftermania of N. Y 2,700,729.00 American of N.Sf. 4,0ri5,9H.(K) LéOndon Assuranco, Loud'n 1,416,788.00 Michigan F. & M., Detroit 287,608.00 N. Y. ünderwriters, N. Y. 2,596,679.0(J National, Hartford 1,774,506.00 Pbenix,N.y 3,759,036.00 - &- T8peclal atteDtJOD siven tu the inpurance o i wellines, schools, churuhes and pnblic balldinfiri 'i-uit, of three íinii (lve 7ear Now is your time to use tetffj$h FERTILIZERS For your fall wheat. Try and see the result. FOR SALE BY Louis Rohde, ANN ARBOR, MIOH. Blue Streak, The new ammunition of war, is the most effective insect and parasite destróyer produced today. It is the most económica] and effective insect killer on the market. To be used with hand atomizers, sprayers or sprinkling pot. Our line is complete in the line of insecticides as Blue Vitriol Kerosene ICm ulsion Insect Powder London Purple Paris Green Hellebore Dalmation.. EBEBUÜH 1 M, DRUGGISTS, 112 S. Main St. Ann Arbor. CHAS. ZURN, DEALER IN FRESH AND SALT MEATS AND BALOGNA. 113 E. Washingtou St. F. J. Biermann, DEALER IN Güijs..,. AmqtUqièion Fishïijg Tackle The L. A. W. Repair Shop. BICYCLE ENAMKLING, ETO. 113 W. Washington St., Ann Arbor A BOTTLE OF SARSAPASIIXA For 75 cents is what you need in the Spring. MANN'S DRUG STORE, 2l3ANTiT0RlE1