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Like Snakes In Ireland

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Dr. Albiou W. Small, of the Uni'ersity of Chicago, opened the Good Toverimient lecture oonsre in the University last evening by an addi-ess n "The Mcaning of Trusts. " He refaced his lecture by advocating he inter-migration of faculties of the vestem universities. Said he : ' ' We 11 Chicago have hopes of Inter-Uuirersity eo-operatiou at least oii the nore unimp'ortant academie affairs and after that is attained we might )ossibly secure co-operation in the nore weightier matters of athletics" The speaker remarked that he canie rom what is called the Standard Oil Jniversity, and it might be suspected bat he wömld feel some embarrassmeut in saying anything about trusts, rat the fact is that the professors of he univesrity have no pipo line connections with the Standard üil Trust 'or information. While he stamped Prof. Henry Adms' Monograph on Trusts as not jeing up-to-date ñow, he said that ;liere is the largest amount of wisdom ii it contained in anything of the kind ver published in so condensed a fonn. He qu5ted Beach's definition on rusts and said that the whole subject mst be likened to suakes in Ireland, There aren't any. " In the latter )art of the 80's there were trusts, but 11 previous trusts have re-organi.ed s corporations, or are trying to do so. 3ut the popular term iucludes all arge capitalizations. In a disintersted view of the trusts we should nake sure of the term before we use it n agitations. The trustjproblem is of arge oapitalizations and it as old as orporation.s. He stated that business must decide 3v experiment how far large combinaions are to their advantage. Politics ïay delay the experiment, but business has the first say, as it is not yet emonstrated that large combinations are most effective. "Before we denounce, " he said, "let us be sure of he facts so that we can put our treugth where it will do the most ood. What is true of one line may ot be true of another. There has leen no balancing of accounts." "Today 's popular opposition to ;rusts is buoking against corporations. 5o we want such a war' Eyerybody rat anarchists is in favor of the exstence of corporations. Trusts get iven results better than anything m ight, but is wliat they are getting vorth what is uninvolved? Business nd social problems must be solved toether, There is no speciíie or cure t all tor trusts. Tho principie is too eeply rooted. Tho fundamental emedy is that light is more needed iian meat ; that manhood is better han wealth. I do not believe that it s wise for us to commit oturselves it.Ji a desire to destroy trusts, for it ïay be possible for us to make the ;rusts the greatest servants of the peo)le that were ever known. "