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Must Keep Michigan Central Bridge In Repair

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The long mooted "question as to whether the city or the Michigan Central is to have the responsibility of the safety of the overhead bridge connecting the Northside with the up-town portiou is settled at last by he supreme oourt. The city has that responsibility. When the new depot was put in and he bridge built the city entered into a contract to keep the bridge in repair ui consideration of these irnprovements. The fiooring of the bridge beame dangerous and a sign was put up o that effect. Edson Wetherbee, a junk dealer of he Northside, in passing over the jridge, feil and broke a leg. He sued ie Michigan Central Co. in Detroit. O. E Butterfield represeuted the com)any and gave a legal notice to the ity to defeud the snit. The case was ried in the circuit court for Wayne ounty before Judge Carpenter. The efense was that the railroad company as under no obligations to repair the oor of the bridge. That that was ie duty of the city under its couract. Judge Carpenter held that the contract was good and the railroad company was not liable for Mr. Wetherbee's injuries. Mr. Wetherbee, by his M, J. Lehman, appealed to the supremè court. and the judgment of, the lower court was affirmed. Mr. Lehman now says that he will start a snit for Wetherbee agaiust the city.