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Persecution Of Christians

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Vieoria, B. C, Nov. 36.- An o vent Whlch speaks for itself, of tbc lawless state of the country bordering 011 and beyond the new territory, Kowloon, China, töok place quite recenüy. A gang of üniss kidnnped a fafl of 7 years with a view of holding him for ransom. A message was sent to the father dèmaadlng of him a ransom somewhat beyond iiis means and coiisequently the could not pay it The üends, believing that he was 'abie to raise the money if he wished, again sent to him, threatening that if the money was not sent within a speciüed time the boy would be retnrued to Uini in pickle, and the inomy not being sent, actually put thcir threat into effect, the dead body of the lad being returaed to the father in a jar of brine. The perpetra tors of tliis 'horrible ontrage are still at large and apparently the Chinese authorities are ma :ing mi ettort to arrest them. New York, A'ov. 16.- The American Bible society is in reeeipt of reporta from its agente iu China, whieh state ! that as the resült of the palace revolutioii last year, whereby the empress dowager assurned power and the einperor was practica lly imprisóned, persecutions of mlssionaries aud Bible colporteui'S are occurring iu various parts of China, especially iu the far interior. The Chinese .society known as "The Boxers" ík said to be provoking agitations and antagonistas. Two colporteura of the Bible society visited Feu Shui Chiang, in the provinee of Kausuh, and were invited to circuíate Bibles í'roia a Chinese temple. As soon as they were inside of the temple the were elosed and the eolportèurs were set upou and terriblv baaten with long, sticks of ilrewood. Fout were severely beaten; two others were attacked, but not so severely ini jured as the other foir. Some of the elders of the town took part in the beating. The men were tied hands and feet to the pillars of the temple, and spat upon, the people shouting "we have tied you np as they did your Jesus on the cross." They then bègan to strike them on the face and shout "this is what your fjods can do tor yon; cali upon your Jesus to come and save you." By this time hvo of the men were insensible, and a ïnereliant who bad been living iu the same inu with theni remonstrated with the leaders about the treatment they were giving to men who had in uo way oftended tliem. I The crowd seized the mei-chant and beat him also. It is understood that the aaents of the Bible society wül endeavor to obtaln redress from the Mandarina of Lo-Yans-Hsien. the eity in the provinoe of Yaa-Suh. which rules the town where this disturbance i took plaoe.